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6 Poems About Life Changes

Poems about life changes to encourage and inspire you. Life changes can happen overnight or they can happen over time. Major life changes such as a graduation, a wedding, or a new baby are ones that happen over time and we anticipate the changes. And then there are life changes that are overnight changes such as a death, a major catastrophe, or an illness.

Whatever life changes you are experiencing we hope the poems here encourage and inspire you to keep moving forward. As Franco Harris said, "Remember, your attitude toward a situation can help you to change it - you create the very atmosphere for defeat or victory." Don't let fear of the unknown stop you.

Poems About Change    /   Poems About Life Changes

  1. Frightening Life Changes
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    I am aware of what awaits me,
    But my nerves are quivering high.
    Everything around will be changing,
    Am I ready to say goodbye?

    Am I ready to leave behind,
    All I've known from birth to now?
    This idea that life's always changing,
    Makes me wonder why and how.

    I know change can be frightening,
    But I wonder could it be.
    Could tomorrow be something wonderful,
    That will make me so happy?

    I'm done being frightened,
    It's time to face the facts.
    Moving on to a new chapter,
    I will move forward and not look back.

  2. Embrace Life Changes
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the depths of despair, we often find,
    Negative behaviours that seem to bind.
    But within us lies the power to change,
    To break free from habits that feel so strange.

    With self-reflection and a determined mind,
    We can leave negativity far behind.
    The first step is awareness, acknowledging the flaw,
    For without recognition, life changes won't thaw.

    No longer defined by negative thought,
    We forge a new path, with positivity sought.
    A mindset transformed, radiating light,
    Inspiring others to change their fight.

    So let us embrace life changes, with open hearts,
    Conquering negative behaviours, making fresh starts.
    For within our hands, lies the power to grow,
    To rewrite our stories, letting positivity flow.

  3. Is Life Poet: James Russell Lowell To change and change is life; To move and never rest; Not what we are, But what we hope, is best.

  4. Out Of Our Control
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    When change happens that is out of your control
    Don't sit and pout, and wait to be consoled
    All change has some good
    We just need it to be understood.

    Find that shining light
    And focus on what is bright.
    We can't change yesterday
    But tomorrow is a new day.

    Move forward with focus
    Life is too precious
    To spend on the negative
    Finding the good is the imperative.

  5. One Little Word Poet: William Brunton One little word can change our life complete, And make our days as if of honey sweet, Thanks! - Thanks to God who reigns in bliss above, And thanks to all the souls we fondly love.

  6. Time And Change
    Poet: John Greenleaf Whittier

    O Time and Change! — with hair as gray
    As was my sire's that winter day!
    How strange it seems, with so much gone
    Of life and love, to still live on!

    Ah! brother, only I and thou
    Are left of all that circle now —
    The dear home faces whereupon
    That fitful firelight paled and shone.

    Henceforth, listen as we will,
    The voices of that hearth are still;
    Look where we may, the wide earth o'er,
    Those lighted faces smile no more.

    We tread the paths their feet have worn,
    We sit beneath their orchard- trees,
    We hear, like them, the hum of bees
    And rustle of the bladed corn,

    We turn the pages that they read,
    Their written words we linger o'er;
    But in the sun they cast no shade,
    No voice is heard, no sign is made,

    No step is on the conscious floor.
    Yet Love will dream and Faith will trust,
    (Since He who knows our need is just,)
    That somehow, somewhere, meet we must

    Alas for him who never sees
    The stars shine through his cypress-trees!
    Who, hopeless, lays his dead away,
    Nor looks to see the breaking day

    Across the mournful marbles play!
    Who hath not learned, in hours of faith,
    The truth to flesh and sense unknown,
    That Life is ever lord of Death,
    And Love can never lose its own!

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Moving forward can be difficult and frightening, especially if confidence levels are low. But encouraging ourselves and others to just take one step at a time can help ease any fears. And that feeling of being frightened is a normal feeling when we experience changes in life.

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