5 Legacy Poems

Have you ever thought about what type of legacy you are making in living your life each day? Let these legacy poems give you thoughts to consider about the legacy you are leaving through the actions of your life.

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  1. Bequest
    Poet: Emily Dickinson

    You left me, sweet, two legacies, -
    A legacy of love
    A Heavenly Father would content,
    Had He the offer of;

    You left me boundaries of pain
    Capacious as the sea,
    Between eternity and time,
    Your consciousness and me.

  2. My Legacy
    Poet: Lucy Maud Montgomery

    My friend has gone away from me
    From shadow into perfect light,
    But leaving a sweet legacy.

    My heart shall hold it long in fee­
    A grand ideal, calm and bright,
    A song of hope for ministry,

    A faith of unstained purity,
    A thought of beauty for delight­
    These did my friend bequeath to me;

    And, more than even these can be,
    The worthy pattern of a white,
    Unmarred life lived most graciously.

    Dear comrade, loyal thanks to thee
    Who now hath fared beyond my sight,
    My friend has gone away from me,
    But leaving a sweet legacy.

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  4. Living Legacy
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    How you act, what you do today
    Is a living legacy on display
    Kind acts, kind words you speak
    Give us a peek.
    How you make others feel
    Is a legacy revealed.

    It is not material things,
    Short term money brings.
    But helping others will always be
    A true living legacy.
    If we look at your life today
    What type of legacy do you display?

  5. Helping others will always be A true living legacy.
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  6. Legacy
    Poet: Douglas Malloch

    Each man must leave to earth a legacy;
    Embarking on the waves of mystery
    Must leave some footprint by the unknown sea.

    Legacy -  Poet: Douglas Malloch
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  7. My Legacy
    Poet: Helen Hunt

    They told me I was heir:
    I turned in haste,
    And ran to seek my treasure.
    And wondered, as I ran, how it was placed,
    If I should find a measure
    Of gold, or if the titles of fair lands
    And houses would be laid within my hands.

    I journeyed many roads; I knocked at gates;
    I spoke to each wayfarer
    I met, and said, "A heritage awaits
    Me. Art not thou the bearer
    Of news? some message sent to me whereby
    I learn which way my new possessions lie?"

    Some asked me in; naught lay beyond their door;
    Some smiled, and would not tarry,
    But said that men were just behind who bore
    More gold than I could carry;
    And so the morn the noon, the day, were spent,
    While empty-handed up and down I went.

    At last one cried, whose face I could not see,
    As through the mists he hasted:
    "Poor child, what evil ones have hindered thee
    Till this whole day is wasted?
    Hath no man told thee that thou art joint heir
    With one named Christ, who waits the goods to share?"

    The one named Christ I sought for many days,
    In many places vainly;
    I heard men name his name in many ways;
    I saw his temples plainly;
    But they who named him most gave me no sign
    To find him by, or prove the heirship mine.

    And when at last I stood before his face,
    I knew him by no token
    Save subtle air of joy which filled the place;
    Our greeting was not spoken;
    In solemn silence I received my share.
    Kneeling before my brother and "joint heir."

    My share! No deed of house or spreading lands,
    As I had dreamed; no measure
    Heaped up with gold; my elder brother's hands
    Had never held such treasure.
    Foxes have holes, and birds in nests are fed:
    My brother had not where to lay his head.

    My share! The right like him to know all pain
    Which hearts are made for knowing;
    The right to find in loss the surest gain;
    To reap my joy from sowing
    In bitter tears; the right with him to keep
    A watch by day and night with all who weep.

    My share! To-day men call it grief and death;
    I see the joy and life to-morrow;
    I thank my Father with my every breath,
    For this sweet legacy of sorrow;
    And through my tears I call to each "joint heir"
    With Christ, "Make haste to ask him for thy share."

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May these poems help you reflect on the type of legacy you are leaving. What you say, what you do will determine the legacy of your life.

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