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The Right Goodbye

Poems about saying goodbye the right way. Saying goodbye is difficult at times, and how to say goodbye the right way is challenging. We sometimes want to avoid it altogether.

The Poet's expresses thoughts about having to say goodbye and saying it the right way. We hope you enjoy these short poems and reflect upon the messages of the verses.

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  1. The Right Goodbye
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    When times are tough,
    This is when I bolt.
    But it's time that I,
    Sit down and holt.

    If it's time to say,
    Goodbye to you.
    I want to make sure,
    I say it true.

    No more hiding, running,
    Or slipping away.
    This time I will make things right,
    With good things to say.

    I'll miss you,
    And remember you,
    And love you always.
    Please remember me too!

  2. Good bye may seem forever.  Farewell is like the end, but in my heart is the memory and there you will always be. Disney

  3. Think Of It
    Unknown Poet

    If I had known in the morning,
    How wearily all the day
    The words unkind
    Would trouble my mind,
    I said when you went away!

    If I had been more careful, darling,
    Nor given you needless pain!
    But we vex our own
    With look and tone
    We may never take back again.

    For though in the quiet evening
    You may give me the kiss of peace,
    Yet it might be
    That never for me
    The pain of the heart should cease.

    How many go forth in the morning
    That never come home at night!
    And hearts have broken
    For harsh words spoken,
    That sorrow can ne'er set right.

  4. It's sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life, starts with goodbye. Carrie Underwood

  5. A Different Word
      by Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    This world is filled with things that are right
    Things that make you feel cheery and bright
    And then there is also the wrong
    Things that just don't belong.

    When you think of right and wrong
    The right helps you get a long
    But often time the wrong will bring
    Nothing that will make you sing.

    And when I think of goodbye
    I think of wrong, I can't deny
    Goodbye seems final and so sad
    Saying it doesn't make me glad.

    But there are times in life when we must say
    Goodbye, I will miss you in every way.
    No matter why the goodbye must be said
    It is something I do dread.

    Perhaps we could use a different word
    One which would not feel so awkward.
    Words like "see ya", or, "so long to you"
    Wishes like be happy in all you do.

    Or "stay in touch, or, "we will see you soon"
    Perhaps we will meet some afternoon.
    Or "cheerio" has a much happier sound
    It is easier to say without a frown.

    Or, what about "Godspeed to you"
    May He keep you safe in all you do,
    Whatever expression you choose to use
    Don't let saying goodbye make you blue.

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