11 Goodbye Poems For A Friend

Let these poems, express your thoughts and feelings as you say goodbye to a friend!

There is a bond between friends that can last a lifetime. Even we when don't see them on a regular basis, when we do see them it is like we were never apart. Even if the person moves away friends still stay in touch and up to date on each other's lives. Between true friends, there is no goodbye.

So if you have a friend who is moving away, don't say "goodbye", say "stay in touch". Saying goodbye is hard, but staying in touch is easy with technology today.

Richard Bach's words can describe saying goodbye and the feelings that we have for our friend who is leaving: A farewell is necessary before we can meet again, and meeting again, after moments or a lifetime, is certain for those who are friends."

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  1. Time To Part Ways
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Goodbye my friend, it's time to part ways,
    But don't be sad for there are brighter days.
    The memories we've shared will never fade,
    Our time together I would never trade.

    This is not the end, but a new start,
    As you leave a new journey you will chart.
    May success and happiness come your way,
    Each and every single day!

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  3. Good-Bye to a Friend
    Poet: Frank Earl Herrick

    With real regret we say, Good-Bye,
    Pleasant face and merry eye,
    And voice of rippling song,
    With that sad sinking of the heart,
    We have when Summer's birds depart,
    And swiftly southward throng!

    And as the Sun's receding rays,
    Bring us the melancholy days.
    Of buds and birds forlorn,
    Your going hence has brought the drear,
    Days of the yellow leaf and sear,
    And meadows brown and shorn!

    But in this hour disconsolate,
    By faith and hope upheld, we wait,
    Well knowing as we do,
    That though the Winter linger long
    The Spring will come on wings of song,
    With violets and - you!

    Oh, sweet and fair and full of cheer
    And pleasant was your presence here
    In now departed times,
    And may the years before you be,
    But days and nights of melody,
    As sweet as silver chimes!

  4. There Is No Goodbye
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    There is no goodbye, only hello again,
    There may just be a time in between.
    I cherish our time my friend,
    I will miss you, that I mean!

    I would prefer not to say,
    Words that have such an ending.
    For our time together
    Never required any mending.

    Time apart can be sad,
    I will miss you I must admit
    Saying goodbye just makes me mad
    Our friendship we have, we both commit.

    So let's never say goodbye, only hello again,
    We will keep in touch, by phone by mail
    We will see each other again so let's not complain
    We will learn about each other's life in detail.

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  6. God Bless You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Dear friend, the time has come to part,
    Though it brings a heavy heart.
    We've shared much laughter, joy, and tears,
    And though we part, our bond endures.

    I'll cherish the memories that we made
    Our time together I would never trade.
    As we go our separate ways
    May God bless you, I pray.

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  8. On Your Birthday
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Goodbye, dear friend, though distance does us part,
    On your birthday, a flame burns within my heart.
    No matter where you roam, near or far,
    Our bond remains unbroken as the brightest star.

    Through changing seasons and passing years,
    We share a blessing with no tears.
    So here’s to you, my eternal companion and true,
    Today and always, forever in view.

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  10. Goodbye My Friend
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Goodbye, my friend,
    Our journey together comes to an end,
    Our memories I'll forever cherish,
    May your happiness and success flourish.

    I'll miss your smile and laughter so bright,
    But I know that you'll be shining even out of sight.
    So farewell, until we meet again,
    Our friendship will always remain.

    so let's never say goodbye, only hello again, we will keep in touch, by phone by mail
    Forget Me Not Poem

  11. Goodbye To You
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    How do you say goodbye,
    To someone as sweet as you?
    I never thought this day would come,
    That farewell would feel so blue.

    I will miss you when you're gone,
    I will miss our laughs and cries.
    I will miss everything about you,
    Even your unhelpful advice.

    We've had our highs and lows,
    And we've always come out on a high,
    It's just too bad that now you're leaving,
    And now we have to say goodbye.

    I hope one day to see you again,
    As I am feeling very blue,
    So here I am to say good-bye,
    Don't forget me, I won't forget you.

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  13. See Ya Soon
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As you leave for new horizons,
    My heart cannot help but ache.
    Our memories will be cherished,
    A bond we vow to never break.

    Though distance may keep us apart,
    I pray your journey brings success.
    Goodbye is not what we say,
    See ya soon, brings less distress.

  14. there's nothing good about goodnight, when it means goodbye
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  15. Good-night, Good-bye
    Poet: Dora Greenwell

    Say not good-bye! dear friend, from thee
    A word too sad that word would be.
    Say not good-bye! Say but good-night,
    And say it with thy tender, light,
    Caressing voice, that links the bliss
    Of yet another day with this.
    Say but good-night!

    Say not good-bye! say but good-night;
    A word that blesses in its flight,
    In leaving hope of many a kind,
    Sweet day like this we leave behind.
    Say but good-night! Oh never say
    A word that taketh thee away!
    Say but good-night!

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  17. A Friend Like No Other
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As you pack up your bags and leave,
    I'll try not to be too sad, but I'll grieve.
    You are like a brother,
    You're a friend like no other!

    Don't forget to send me a postcard or two,
    From all the amazing things you're going to do.
    I'll miss you more than words can express,
    A friendship like ours is hard to suppress!

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  19. Friends Forever
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Throughout our days a bond we forged,
    Through trials faced and unspoken words heard.
    Though paths may part and distance be declared,
    The essence of our friendship will endure.

    For friendships true, unwavering yet strong,
    Embrace the echoes of memories gone long.
    And though we bid farewell on this day
    Friends forever we will stay.

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We hope these goodbye poems are ones that you will share with your friends as you bid them farewell. As Ritu Ghatourey once said, "Goodbyes make you think. They make you realize what you’ve had, what you’ve lost, and what you’ve taken for granted."

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