There Is No Goodbye

Between true friends, there is no goodbye. Even if the person moves away friends still stay in touch and up to date on each other's lives. Let these poems, express your thoughts for your friend!

There is a bond between friends that can last a lifetime. Even we when don't see them on a regular basis, when we do see them it is like we were never apart.

So if you have a friend who is moving away, don't say "goodbye", say "stay in touch". Saying goodbye is hard, but staying in touch is easy with technology today.

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  1. There Is No Goodbye
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    There is no goodbye, only hello again,
    There may just be a time in between.
    I cherish our time my friend,
    I will miss you, that I mean!

    I would prefer not to say,
    Words that have such an ending.
    For our time together
    Never required any mending.

    Time apart can be sad,
    I will miss you I must admit
    Saying goodbye just makes me mad
    Our friendship we have, we both commit.

    So let's never say goodbye, only hello again,
    We will keep in touch, by phone by mail
    We will see each other again so let's not complain
    We will learn of each other's life in detail.

    so let's never say goodbye, only hello again, we will keep in touch, by phone by mail

  2. Good-Bye
    Poet: Sarah M. B. Piatt

    Good-bye, if it please you, sir, good-bye.
    This is a world where the wild-swans fly.
    This is a world where the thorn hangs on
    When the rose, its twin, is gone, is gone.
    Good-bye - good-bye - good-bye.

    Good-bye, if it please you, sir, good-bye.
    You are here and away — I care not why.
    This is a world where a man has his will.
    A world where a woman had best be still.
    Good-bye - good-bye - good-bye.

  3. Good Bye! And How D'ye Do?
    Poet: William Robert Spencer

    One day, Good bye! met How d'ye do?
    Too close to shun saluting;
    But soon the rival sisters flew
    From kissing to disputing!

    ' Away! ' says How d' ye do?' your mien
    Appals my cheerful nature!
    No name so sad as yours is seen
    In Sorrow's nomenclature!

    'Whene'er I give one sunshine hour,
    Your cloud comes o'er to shade it!
    Where'er I plant one bosom flower,
    Your mildew drops to fade it!

    'Ere How d'ye do? has tuned each tongue
    To Hope's delightful measure,
    Good bye! in Friendship's ear has rung
    The knell of parting pleasure!

    From sorrows past, my chemic skill
    Draws smiles of consolation;
    Whilst you from present joys distil
    The tears of separation! '

    Good bye! replied, 'Your statement's true
    And well your cause you've pleaded!
    But pray, who'd think of How d'ye do?
    Unless Good bye! preceded?

    'Without my prior influence,
    Could yours have ever flourished?
    And can your hand one flower dispense,
    But those my tears have nourished?

    How oft, if at the Court of Love
    Concealment be the fashion,
    When How d'ye do? has failed to move,
    Good bye! reveals the Passion!

    How oft, when Cupid's fires decline,
    As ev'ry heart remembers,
    One sigh of mine, and only mine!
    Revives the dying embers!

    Go, bid the timid Lover choose!
    And will resign my Charter,
    If he, for ten How d'ye do's,
    One kind Good bye! would barter!

    From Love, and Friendship, kindred source,
    We both derive existence;
    And they would both lose half their force,
    Without our joint assistance!

    Tis well the World our merit knows!
    Since time (there 's no denying!),
    One half in How-dye-doing goes;
    And t'other in Good-byeing! '

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