Mom Knows Best

Poems about Mom knows best that will bring a smile to your face. How many times have we heard, Mom knows best? Especially when we were growing up! And as we age we come to realize how true these words are. Read the poems and be inspired by how much our Moms did in fact know. Share the words in these rhymes and verses with your Mother!

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  1. Nobody Knows But Mother
    Poet: Mary Morrison

    How many buttons are missing today?
    Nobody knows but Mother.
    How many playthings are strewn in her way?
    Nobody knows but Mother.
    How many thimbles and spools has she missed?
    How many burns on each fat little fist?
    How many bumps to be cuddled and kissed?
    Nobody knows but Mother.

    How many hats has she hunted today?
    Nobody knows but Mother.
    Carelessly hiding themselves in the hay -
    Nobody knows but Mother.
    How many handkerchiefs willfully strayed?
    How many ribbons for each little maid?
    How for her care can a mother be paid?
    Nobody knows but Mother.

    How many muddy shoes all in a row?
    Nobody knows but Mother.
    How many stockings to darn, do you know?
    Nobody knows but Mother.
    How many little torn aprons to mend?
    How many hours of toil must she spend?
    What is the time her day's work shall end?
    Nobody knows but Mother.

    How many cares does a mother's heart know?
    Nobody knows but Mother.
    How many joys from her mother love flow?
    Nobody knows but Mother.
    How many prayers for each little white bed?
    How many tears for her babes has she shed?
    How many kisses for each curly head?
    Nobody knows but Mother.

  2. Just One Little Day
    Poet: Bobby Burns

    Why pick out just one little day
    That to our memories may recall,
    The one who did the most for us
    And we love best of all?

    Let's make every day her day
    None different than the others,
    For everything we have today
    Is by her birthright mother's.

    She is your pal, our greatest friend -
    You'll never find one better,
    If you're away sit down today
    And write your Ma a letter.

    Don't simply say "I'm feeling fine
    And hope you are the same."
    Show her that every word you write
    from down your best heartthrob came.

    Far better than any letter -
    If you're not too far away -
    Make your plan so you can
    All day with mother stay.

    To you who still have mother
    There's just one thing to say,
    You have a wonderful treasure
    But she'll be gone some day.

    So I've ordered a wreath of roses
    Tied with heavy golden twine
    To place on her grave in memory
    Of that dear old mother of mine.

  3. Remember The Days
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    I remember the days
    When I wished Mom away
    Her advice seemed silly to me
    Oh, I wished she would leave me be.

    But then a Mother I did become
    And Mom's advice didn't seem so dumb
    Oh, if only my kids would listen to me
    It would make their life more easy.

    Now a Grandma I see the test
    That Mom, in fact, did know best
    But in life, we all have to grow
    With age, wisdom does show!

  4. My Mother
    Poet: Sarah Elizabeth Norton

    My Mother! With thy calm and holy brow,
    And high devoted hearty which suffered still
    Unmurmuring, through each degree of ill.
    And, because Fate hath willed that mine should be
    A poet's soul (at least in my degree), -
    And that my verse would faintly shadow forth
    What I have seen of pure unselfish worth.
    Therefore I speak of thee; that those who read
    That trust in woman, which is still my creed.
    Thy early-widowed image may recall
    And greet thy nature as the type of all.

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