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Be motivated by this collection of time quotes. Time is something we all need more of. By using your time wisely you will find more satisfaction in your life. You may also be motivated by these poems about time.

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  1. ... make the necessary changes so you can have that peace and balance in life and spend your time where you are most comfortable, wanted, and appreciated. Brenton J. Segler, Finding Balance in Life
    Poems Of Encouragement

  2. Never look back. - Waste no time over failures. Unknown, Seven Good Rules
    Christian Poems

  3. Friendship is a bond that grows with time, a treasure that's rare and hard to find Catherine Pulsifer, Friendship Is A Bond
    Friendship Poems

  4. "Your age tells me how long you have lasted but not what you have made of the precious time you have been given." Oriah Mountain Dream, The Invitation
    Birthday Poems

  5. Time spent in my garden is worth every minute Kate Summers
    Garden Poems

  6. Your alone time will serve as your intrapersonal therapy.
  7. Your alone time will serve as your intrapersonal therapy. Christ Lewis; Laura Lewis, Organize Your Mind in 24 Hours!
    Inspirational Poems

  8. As grandparents, we know how fast children grow, time goes quickly, it won't last. Catherine Pulsifer, Grandchildren Bring
    Poems About Grandchildren

  9. Another year, another birthday - oh, how time does slip away. Catherine Pulsifer, Another Year
    Funny Birthday Poems

  10. Time, with a face like mystery...sits at the loom with its arm outspread, to catch in its meshes each glancing thread. Eben E. Rexford, The Loom Of Life
    The Weaver Poem

  11. Life sees time moving on, with its ceaseless flight Catherine Pulsifer, Time Keeps Moving On
    Funny Poems About Life

  12. Think of all that lies ahead, make the most of it time you've been fed Catherine Pulsifer, What A Great Day
    Good Morning Poems

  13. Retirement is...time for you to enjoy family and friends and not be concerned about the latest trends. Catherine Pulsifer, Pot Of Gold
    Retirement Poems

  14. Grandparents provide love and care, giving their time for the grandchild fair. Catherine Pulsifer, Grandparents Provide
    Grandparents Poems

  15. Time sure has flown by so fast, on this momentous day at last. Catherine Pulsifer, Seventy-Five Years
    75th Birthday Poems

  16. Though distance may grow and time may pass, our bond will remain strong our friendship will last. Catherine Pulsifer, We Bid Adieu
    Saying Goodbye Poem

  17. You give of your time unselfishly - always smiling and friendly. Catherine Pulsifer, A Privilege
    Thank You Poems

  18. It happens before you know - the years fly by and then you're old. Catherine Pulsifer, Old
    Funny Poems About Aging

  19. Also remember this - you can never regret the time that is spent in doing something positive but you can sure regret it if you don't take the plunge." Zayne Parker, Confidence: Simple Confidence Building Tips
    Positive Poems

  20. Tomorrow might come to pass, today put off is what I say alas! Use time wisely, that I should do Catherine Pulsifer, Procrastinator - That's Me
    Funny Poems

  21. Time flys by, but the moments are ours, live today, from tomorrow, don't borrow. Catherine Pulsifer, Time Flys By
    Enjoy Life Poems

  22. Do not look back with regret or ponder what life might have been like. Don't waste time sitting and wondering was it possible for success to strike? Catherine Pulsifer, Don't Wallow In Ifs
    Poems About Regret

  23. Time it's something we can not replace, don't let procrastination be your fate Catherine Pulsifer, Time Can't Be Replaced
    Poems About Procrastination

  24. Where Love resides there is no 'Time' as such gentle and true its own eternal touch Jaymac, Where Love Resides...
    Short Love Poems

  25. The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back. Author Unknown
    Quotes About Helping Hand

  26. Happy birthday Grandpa, time sure does fly - your age continues to climb as the years go by. Naughtiness and laughter are no surprise as you’ve been causing mischief way past your rise. Catherine Pulsifer, An Awesome Year Ahead
    Birthday Poems For Grandpa

  27. Don't waste away those winter days - get out and find some play Catherine Pulsifer, Get Out
    Winter Poems

  28. Time is the wisest of all the forces of nature.
  29. Time is the wisest of all the forces of nature. Khalid Masood
    Nature Poems

  30. Your twenties are behind you, the clock is ticking fast. Can't believe you're thirty, that went by so quick, the past! Catherine Pulsifer, The Clock Is Ticking Fast
    Turning 30 Poems

  31. We all deserve to be happy but there are times of emptiness - keep moving on; time is a friend Catherine Pulsifer, Good To End
    Goodbye Poems For Lovers

  32. Our time together I would never trade. As we go our separate ways may God bless you, I pray. Catherine Pulsifer, God Bless You
    Goodbye Poems For A Friend

  33. Time has flown on wings so swift, high school graduation made us shift. Catherine Pulsifer, Mixed Feelings
    Graduation Poems for High School

  34. As student, as teacher, as man. - The seasons so quickly have flown; the cycles of time swiftly ran Bernhart Paul Holst, Life
    Poems About Life

  35. Reading aloud with our kids is indeed the best use of our time and energy as parents. It's more important than just about anything else we can do. Sarah Mackenzie, The Read-Aloud Family
    Book Quotes

  36. Our cares are bold and push their way upon our thought and feeling. They hang about us all the day, our time from pleasure stealing. Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Tanksgiving Chorus
    Thanksgiving Poems

  37. Respect time, you only have 24 hours in a day and no one is guaranteed tomorrow! Catherine Pulsifer
    Respect Quotes

  38. "Change is of life a part." The flow of time reveals its power below. M. C. L., Change Is Of Life a Part
    Poems on Change In Life

  39. This new day is too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on the yesterdays. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Every Day
    Thanksgiving Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson

  40. The most precious things a father can provide are time, attention, and love. Tim Russert
    Fathers Day Inspirational Poems

  41. The hours slip away each day, filled with haste and much dismay. Left waiting on events past due, stress soon should start to brew. Catherine Pulsifer, Strain of Procrastination
    Poems About Stress

  42. The gift of time is precious - Time can not be purchased. Catherine Pulsifer, Christmas Is Gifts
    What Is Christmas Poems

  43. Christmas comes but once a year - a time to spend with those who are dear
    Christmas Verses

  44. Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas. Peg Bracken
    Christmas Poems

  45. Time is, hands down, our most coveted, most unrenewable resource.
  46. Time is, hands down, our most coveted, most unrenewable resource. Brene Brown, Dare to Lead
    Short Quotes

  47. Over time our relationship has endured it all giving us a strength that will never fall. Catherine Pulsifer, As We Age Together
    Happy Birthday Poems To My Love

  48. Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything. It's the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it. Trey Parker
    Goodbye Quotes

  49. Another birthday is here, it is hard to believe - the time has gone by so fast, hard to believe another year. Catherine Pulsifer, Hard To Believe
    Happy Birthday Poems Daughter

  50. The time is always right to do what is right. Martin Luther King Jr.
    Encouragment Quotes

  51. You always make time for me Helping me to become all that I can be. Catherine Pulsifer, Merry Christmas Teacher
    Christmas Poems for Teachers

  52. Time has left its lines of care on the brow once crowned with gold; yes, old Time is bearing onward down the stream my little bark Lucy M. Lewis, Cherished Memories
    Poems About Memories

  53. If I had the time to find a place and sit me down full face to face - with my better self that stands no show in my daily life that rushes so. Richard Burton, If We Had The Time
    Motivational Poems

  54. The man who is always killing time is really killing his own chances in life; while the man who is destined to success is the man who makes time live by making it useful. Arthur Brisbane
    Funny Quotes About Life

  55. Waste not moments . . .in telling what you could do.
  56. Waste not moments nor your words in telling what you could do. Some other time; the present is for doing what you should do. Phoebe Cary, No Time Like The Present
    Poems About Perseverance

  57. Pick up a book that could open the door always make time to read each day you will learn lots on the way. Catherine Pulsifer, Show Us Many Things
    Quotes about Reading

  58. Always make time to read each day - you will learn lots on the way. Catherine Pulsifer, Show Us Many Things
    Poems About Books

  59. As time passes by, memories may fade but our love's essence will never evade. Catherine Pulsifer, As Time Passes By
    Remember Our Love Poems

  60. I firmly believe God continues to answer the prayers of His people even after He has taken them to heaven. Never forget that God isn’t bound by time the way we are. We see only the present moment; God sees everything. We see only part of what He is doing; He sees it all. Billy Graham
    Short Prayers

  61. You must not waste your one day here. When the sun shines, you let it shine on you. Snow is always waiting. Gayle Forman
    Quotes About The Snow

  62. Goodbyes can be so hard...but time has a way of healing things - life has more hello's to bring. Catherine Pulsifer, Goodbye Forever
    Goodbye Poems

  63. How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time Morgan Freeman
    Kindness Poems

  64. Time is now yours to spend as you please - you can relax and enjoy your days with ease Catherine Pulsifer, Time Is Yours
    Retirement Wishes

  65. Today in thought, I wait the end, and wish that time might go more slow or, better still begin again indeed, in truth, I hate to go. E. Dandurand, A Senior's Lament
    Graduation Poems

  66. All Tomorrows are Yesterdays not yet arrived. Will Tommorrows' intentions be fulfilled or deprived? Unknown, Yesterdays
    Poems For Teenagers

  67. For though life is long, we live it just a moment at a time. Nixon Waterman, Just This Minute
    Be Inspired

  68. Beneath the work of time and tears waits something that will not grow old.
  69. Beneath the work of time and tears waits something that will not grow old. Unknown, Will Not Grow Old
    Poems On Aging

  70. Time is ever on the wing, fast our moments fly away John Imrie, A Birthday Greeting
    Religious Birthday Poems

  71. I like that time is marked by each sunrise and sunset whether or not you actually see it. Catherine Opie
    Sunset Quotes

  72. Time is always on your side if you work with it instead of against it. Lynda Field, Weekend Life Coach
    Inspirational Quotes

  73. Promotion comes to him ...who watches neither clock nor sun to tell him when his task is done Edgar A. Guest, Promotion
    Poems About Work

  74. Swiftly glides Time's river onward, never backward does it flow; Elsie E. Egermeier, Sunset On The Blackhawk
    Poems About Sunset

  75. I have Today — a gracious gift — ornate with four and twenty golden hours that shine...and this is mine to use and cherish as I wend my way, Ida Mingus Clay, Today
    Poems For Women

  76. The day is this, the time is now; no better hour was ever here: who waits upon the when and how remains forever in the rear. Wilbur D. Nesbitt, Make This A Day
    Poems About The Future

  77. And I wove the thing to a random rhyme - for the Rose is Beauty, the Gardener Time. Austin Dobson, Beauty And Time
    Rose Poems

  78. Oh, Father Time, but stay thy speed and bring us back once more to life's feir days of spring! Howard Carleton Tripp, Yes, We Are Growing Old
    I Love You More Poems

  79. Some things take time, we find so just be patient and keep faith till this is all behind! Unknown, Patience Is A Flower That Grows
    Patience Poem

  80. This is a story about a man who had a short lifespan but what he did with his time we couldn't imagine in our prime. Catherine Pulsifer, See You In Heaven?
    Poems About The Bible

  81. When you start perceiving time as a valuable asset, you will be motivated to not waste it.
  82. When you start perceiving time as a valuable asset, you will be motivated to not waste it. James Nelson, Time Management
    Motivational Quotes

  83. We can't choose whether we will get any more time, but we can choose what we do with it. John C. Maxwell, The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player
    Life Quotes

  84. Stepping back from consumerism seems to be the first real step one can take towards a truly joyful holiday season. Cut back on spending and spend more of what’s meaningful with your family: time. Johan Ramakers, Celebrate the Holidays with Frugal Flair
    Christmas Messages

  85. There's a time to run and a time to walk; there's a time for silence, a time for talk Alden Arthur Knipe, Time For Everything
    Poems For Kids

  86. Fishing is not about the fish, it’s the time spent together catching them Unknown Poems About Fishing

  87. Self-care ... means deliberately taking the time to take care of my inner self as much as I do my outer self ... Jennifer Ashton, The Self-Care Solution
    Take Care Of Yourself Quotes

  88. Whether you are an employee, a couch potato, or an athlete, the most important part of time management is sleep.
  89. Whether you are an employee, a couch potato, or an athlete, the most important part of time management is sleep. Richard Carroll, Time Management
    Quotes to Live By

  90. God's plans, like lilies, pure and white unfold.we must not tear the close-shut leaves apart; time will reveal the hidden cups of gold. Mary Louise Riley Smith, Sometime
    Happy Thanksgiving Quotes

  91. Your subconscious mind is programmed by your thoughts and is incredibly powerful in drawing what you think about most of the time to your life. Andrii Sedniev, The Achievement Factory
    Positive Thoughts

  92. Don't waste your time in longing for bright, impossible things...but brighten some bit of darkness by shining just where you are. John Hay, Shine Just Where You Are
    Positive Quotes

  93. Vacations are to be a time where relaxation is found - a time for us all to rewind and recharge our minds. Catherine Pulsifer, Look Forward
    Poems About Vacation

  94. Proper investments of time and energy in goal-setting can help you aim at a good end result through each decision. Kennedth Dino, The 12 Commandments: A Guide For Entrepreneurs
    Decision Quotes

  95. It doesn't matter how successful you are or how much  money you make, we all have the same amount of time and when it is gone it is gone.
  96. It doesn't matter how successful you are or how much money you make, we all have the same amount of time and when it is gone it is gone. Catherine Pulsifer
    Poems About Money

  97. You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. Kahlil Gibran
    Quotes about Giving

  98. I won't waste time on the things that I can not change! I won't waste time trying to change.
  99. I won't waste time on the things that I can not change! I won't waste time trying to change. Grant Ngobean
    Positive Quotes About Change

  100. While days are getting shorter and flies are dancing their last, life enters into its final quarter how the time is passing so fast Zivan Vujcic, Autumn
    Autumn Poems

  101. "You waste time and energy telling yourself stupid, untrue affirmations and believing in nonsense." Cara Stein, How To Be Happy
    Believe Quotes

  102. NOW is the time - don't leave it to later.
  103. NOW is the time - don't leave it to later. Stephen Hall, Emotional Mastery
    Attitude Quotes

  104. "Oftentimes, you need to streamline the different processes in your life so that you can focus your time, effort and resources on your goals." Nick Bell, Organize Yourself Starting Today!
    Goals Quotes

  105. At any given moment in time, we have the power to transform ourselves and be whoever we want to be.
  106. At any given moment in time, we have the power to transform ourselves and be whoever we want to be. Tina Sloan, Changing Shoes
    Poems About Change

  107. My flower garden brings such pleasure, time and love I do invest. Catherine Pulsifer, Such Pleasure
    Flower Garden Poem

  108. In my garden, I work away, time passes quickly but I enjoy working there Catherine Pulsifer, I Work Away
    In My Garden Poem

  109. "Research suggests that the more time you spend with your child, the stronger your bonds become, especially when you do problem-solving activities together." Aidin Safavi, Homeschooling
    Children Quotes

  110. Oh! live not alone for one sunny day, for time's on wings, and will soon fly away. Mary C. Ryan
    Oh! The Flowers

  111. Envy is a waste of time. Author Unknown

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