75th Birthday Poems

A 75th birthday is a milestone, a time for celebration. Share one of our poems to recognize the occasion. Express your admiration and appreciation for the person's life journey and express birthday wishes with this poetry.

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  1. Happy 75th
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    75 has been so good to you,
    A bright flame burning in its view,
    From decades of life experience true,
    A journey that many never pursue.

    Things hard and great have come your way,
    Some graying here, some aches and pain,
    Still, your spirit is strong and brave today.
    Gracefully carry on with grace and wane!

    Happy 75th to You!

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  3. Seventy-Five Years
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Time sure has flown by so fast,
    On this momentous day at last.
    Seventy-Five years, a long way,
    Celebrate life and play!

    Let us pop some bubbly wine,
    Let us take the time to shine.
    Surround yourself with loved ones near,
    It's all about good cheer.

    Cherish the things you've done so well,
    For this milestone, we shall never tell.
    The years may come and may go,
    May they leave you glowing from head to toe.

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  5. Happy Seventy-Five
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Seventy-five years have passed, and you've earned a blast
    With wrinkles and creaks, but what a fortunate task
    To have made it this far, in such robust health
    It's a time to rejoice, your joyful year felt.

    With music, drinks, and friends en masse
    Your birthday smile is one to surpass
    Rockets are shooting throughout the night sky
    As cheers go up with each "Happy 75!"

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  7. An Amazing Milestone
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A life of joy and love, brought us here today.
    Celebrate this special day, the seventy-fifth's array.
    Friends with smiling faces, grandchildren all aglow.
    Laughter fills the room, so grateful we can go.

    Seventy-five years passed, a journey well explored.
    Living ever onward, each kin is quite adored
    Cheers to now and future days filled with the same kind of joy.
    An amazing milestone reached; 75th birthday with nice employ!

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  9. Your 75th Year
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    My heart is full of joy today,
    To celebrate life in every way,
    Your 75th year starts today strong,
    To live and love whole-heartedly and long.

    A time to pause, reflect and share,
    Of memories and lessons we bear,
    Rich with knowledge gathered through the years,
    Onward to all life’s joys and fears!

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  11. A Joyful Day
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A joyful day arrives to see,
    A grand-old seventy-five is thee.
    From Sun to Moon and all between,
    Time flies by so ever swift and keen.

    For you this day I do rejoice,
    Your 75th b'day we celebrate with poise!
    Life's bits of mirth here we'll share,
    Happy Birthday! Let's be glad all year!

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  13. A Joyful Day
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A vibrant life I've taken in,
    A lifetime of memories I’ve re-lived in
    So much has happened since the first breath I drew
    Life has pushed me to be a fighter, throughout and through

    I am turning 75 today,
    A wondrous milestone comes my way
    My faith and strength are never-ending,
    Grows each day more than blending

    Friends come by each year gone by,
    Wishing me the luck that’s nigh
    Longing for this day have we all been,
    Relishing joy in my life so green

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  15. A Life Of Joy
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A life of joy and grace -
    So many happy tales to tell,
    Alive with countless memories so dear -
    Your seventy-fifth birthday is special here.

    Still young in heart and elder in years,
    The spirit of life resides strong still;
    Giving us a reason to smile and cheer,
    Wishing you a wonderful time we will.

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