8 Turning 30 Poems

Use these turning 30 poems for that milestone birthday. Know someone who is turning thirty, then send them one of these short poems to make them smile as they hit this magical age. Thirty is a great age to be. No longer a child, but not yet old. The world is truly ahead for the 30-year-old.

Thirty, three decades,  may sound old when we are young. But when we reach that age it is hard to imagine where the years have gone. If someone is feeling blue because they are turning thirty, tell them to be happy - be thankful - imagine how they will feel when they turn 60!! 

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  1. Your Thirty
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    Today is the day we sing Happy Birthday,
    As today thirty years ago you were born.
    Hard to believe you're now thirty,
    Your youth is now gone, you should mourn.

    We all knew you were getting older,
    Just didn't realize how old you’ve become.
    We will try not to mock or tease you,
    As we will always think great of our chum.

    Thirty is just another number,
    Although it's the first step, to middle age.
    Now comes wrinkles, grey hair, baldness,
    You really should be hiding backstage.

    Okay, we've been kind of unhelpful,
    In making this birthday much fun.
    We'll roll out the carpet to introduce you,
    As on your birthday, you are truly number one.

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  3. The Clock Is Ticking Fast
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Your twenties are behind you,
    The clock is ticking fast.
    Can't believe you're thirty,
    That went by so quick, the past!

    You may feel the same inside -
    But with few new wrinkles on your face.
    No need to grab the tissues -
    As for sure age has its place!

    But life still holds so many surprises,
    And years of joy to come.
    So  embrace this milestone
    And make thirty a lot of fun!

  4. Entering your thirties is a swift transition from the twenties, marked by the ticking clock and a sense of time flying. Though you may feel unchanged inside, a few wrinkles may hint at the passage of time. Rather than dwelling on this, embrace the new decade, recognizing that age has its own significance. Approach this milestone with enthusiasm and make your thirties a time of fun and discovery.

  5. Age
    Poet: Edward Tuck

    Age is a quality of mind:
    If your dreams you've left behind,
    If hope is cold,
    If you no longer look ahead,
    If your ambition's fires are dead
    Then you are old.

    But if from life you take the best,
    And if in life you keep the zest,
    If love you hold,
    No matter how the years go by,
    No matter how the birthdays fly,
    You are not old.

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  7. We Wish You
    Author Unknown

    We wish you joy on your 30th birthday
    And all the whole year through
    For all the best that life can hold
    Is none to good for you

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  9. Getting Old?
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    You may feel you're getting old
    But let the truth be told
    Turning 30 you are at your prime
    Enjoy the day and take your time
    Savor the moment don't look back
    Set your goals and stay on track.

    Turning 30 is a milestone
    You decide you set the tone
    Where you want your life to go
    Up or down, or, fast or slow
    It is all up to you
    And what you do.

    Happy  thirtieth  we wish for you
    Remember that age is not the issue
    It is just a number that shows the years
    It is a time to put away your fears
    The next 30 years will go so fast
    Enjoy this time to the fullest, make it last.

  10. Approaching 30 is not a sign of aging but a prime time in life. This poem, Getting Old, reminds us to take this moment to enjoy and set your own pace, focusing on the present without dwelling on the past and look to the future with enthusiasm. The wish is for a happy thirtieth, recognizing that the next 30 years will pass quickly, encouraging you to make the most of this time.

  11. The Years Fly By
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    It seems like yesterday when
    The age you were at was only ten.
    Then before we could turn around
    The age of twenty was then found.
    Now here today, we can't believe
    Thirty years you have achieved.
    Enjoy these years as we can tell you for sure
    The next thirty will fly by faster than before.

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  13. Life Begins
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Thirty is not a ripe old age
    Life just begins at this stage!
    Thirty is the prime of life, you see
    And, at times, life can be crazy.
    But, look at life with a positive attitude
    You can reach any altitude.
    So, celebrate this time, and look forward
    With expectation, not behind!
    Happy 30th Birthday to you

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    Oh, the years do roll by quickly. We realize how true that is as we get older. When we are young we think old is far away. But before you know it you are turning 30, 40, 50, and 60. Our collection of poems on aging is a good reminder of how quickly the years pass by.

  15. As You Turn 30
    Poet: Kate Summer

    As you turn  thirty we wish for you
    Happiness in all you do
    And a thought for each letter of thirty
    Is our wish for you:

    T is for
    time to enjoy all that life offers
    H is for
    health and happiness for everyday
    I is for
    ideas and dreams for goals to set
    R is for
    relaxation and rainbows
    T is for
    thankfulness for all your blessings
    Y is for
    youth in mind and soul.

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