Another Year Older

Birthday poems to share with those turning another year older. They were written in good fun and hopefully will bring a smile to your face and a smile to the face of those receiving the poem. These poems are great to put in a birthday card, or to send by email! Life has a funny way of creeping up on you - one year passes, then another, and then one day it hits you - where did all the years go.

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  1. Another Year Older
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    I must start this off by saying Happy Birthday,
    To someone who's always so fun.
    It's hard to believe you're getting older,
    But don't worry you’ve still got a long run.

    Today your just turning a year older,
    It's not like your losing your hair.
    Oh wait you have started receding,
    I’m so sorry your scalp is going bare.

    Next, you'll be seeing wrinkles,
    Then comes the bodily displease.
    Oh my, getting older is scary,
    But I'm sure you’ll age just like old cheese.

    Wait, old cheese does not age very well,
    I meant you’ll age like old wine.
    Oh really, who am I kidding?
    You're still the best, that's the bottom line!

  2. One year wiser, full of living, laughing, and fun. May the coming year be just as good as the last one!

  3. Wisdom They Say
    by Kate Summers

    One can make a difference,
    One haircut can change your appearance,
    One smile can cheer someone up,
    One kind word can make someone's day
    One hour of attention with a child do play.
    One negative thought can leave you in dismay,
    One year older brings wisdom they say!

  4. another year older poems

  5. A Birthday Wish
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2019

    A birthday wish is sent to you
    Another year older look how much you grew
    As you journey down life's road
    Be sure to take your raincoat.

    As you will have your ups and downs
    There will be days you wish you were a clown
    But always remember our love for you
    We wish only happiness and success for you.

  6. Passed You By
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    Another year has passed you by
    Tell us your age don't be shy
    The years they seem to quickly fly
    Sometimes we say it with a sigh.

    Life has a way of moving so fast
    We turn around and yesterday has passed
    So we must always live each day
    Wasting no days, working and time for play!

  7. Have A Great Day
    Poet: Kate Summers, 2021

    A birthday is a time to say,
    Get up and have a great day
    The days are passing by
    Before you know it another birthday will arrive.

    Can you believe another year?
    Be happy and full of cheer
    We want to celebrate with you
    We love you and all you do!

  8. God Has A Plan
    Poet: Unknown

    Little trouble and still less care,
    With ever a faithful heart to share;
    Birthdays many, and happy too,
    This is the life I wish for you.

    So another year older you may be
    But that is okay, don't you see
    You woke this morning, God has a plan
    For your life-span.

    So live this day and happy be
    That another day you get to see.
    Spread happiness and sunshine
    Your life you will define.

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