Birthday Stress

Do you know someone who is experiencing stress because of their birthday? They feel another birthday and getting older is stressful. Bring a smile to their face with these poems. Birthdays are not a time to feel stressed, they are a time of celebration!

The poem is also great to share with someone who you want to rub in how old they are on their birthday.

birthdays and stress

Do Not Be Stressed
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

It's that time again to say happy birthday,
To someone who is always so great.
Another year has gone past you,
Ain't birthdays something we love to hate.

Don't be stressed about getting older,
We all have to age at some point.
It's nice to have someone to warn us,
And you are the one we appoint.

So tell us how aging has affected you,
Are you wrinkled, exhausted or sore?
Aging can be very nasty,
So glad you are the one keeping score.

Try not to think about getting older,
Think of it as becoming wise.
Okay, that last statement is way too funny,
I should not be telling such lies.

poem about birthday stress

Wishing Your Age Be Less
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

Your birthday may be causing you stress
You find yourself wishing your age could be less.
But just think of the experience you have
Those past years should make you glad.

And with experiences comes knowledge
That should cause you some optimism.
Oh, yes wrinkles and gray hair
But, really, who cares.

Don't let your age stress you out
Let us sing and give you a shout:
Happy Birthday to you
We love you that's true!

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