50th Birthday Poems

Do you know someone who is turn 50 and they are experiencing stress because of their birthday? Share these 50th birthday poems with them.

They feel another birthday and turning fifty is stressful. Bring a smile to their face with these poems. Birthdays are not a time to feel stressed, they are a time of celebration!

Like everything in life you can find stress or you can find contentment. You can look at age as a blessing or you can moan about turning 50. One of the best ways to relieve stress is to count your blessings of which everyone has many, no matter what your age!!

And if you want to make sure they remember they are 50, these poems are also great to share to rub in the Big 50.

Birthday Poems    /   50th Birthday Poems

  1. Magical Age, Fifty!
    Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012

    To you we say, Happy 50th birthday
    We can't believe you hit that magical age
    We are happy that it is you, not us
    Who is going through this new stage.

    Don't be stressed about getting older,
    We all have to age at some point.
    It's nice to have someone to warn us,
    And you are the one we appoint.

    So tell us how turning 50 has affected you,
    Are you wrinkled, exhausted or sore?
    Aging can be very nasty,
    So glad you are the one keeping score.

    Try not to think about 50 and getting older,
    Think of it as becoming wise.
    Okay, that last statement is way too funny,
    I should not be telling such lies.

  2. try not to think about getting older, think of it as becoming wise
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  3. Wishing Your Age Be Less
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

    Your birthday may be causing you stress
    You find yourself wishing your age could be less.
    But just think of the 50 years experience you have
    Those past years should make you glad.

    And with experiences comes knowledge
    That should cause you some optimism.
    Oh, yes 50 brings wrinkles and gray hair
    But, really, who cares.

    Don't let your age stress you out
    Let us sing and give you a shout:
    Happy 50th Birthday to you
    We love you that's true!

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  5. Blessings One By One
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2021

    On this birthday don't feel stress
    Realize that you are blessed.
    You reached another year
    You are doing good that is clear.

    Count your blessings one by one
    From the morning rising sun
    To the love of family and friends
    May your happiness never end

    Don't let 50 get you down
    Don't cringe and frown
    But instead, be thankful for
    You had another year and now more!

    Getting to 50 has been a climb
    You are at your prime
    With a positive mind
    At any age, happiness, you will find!

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  7. 50 Years Gone By
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Stress will kill you that is what they say
    So don't let your birthday stress you in any way
    No sense moaning about 50 years gone by
    Set your goals and let them fly.

    No one is guaranteed life tomorrow
    Don't waste yours sitting in sorrow
    Look forward, don't stay in the past
    Life is too short to stay downcast.

    Happy 50th Birthday we wish for you
    We love you that is so true!

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  9. Turning Fifty
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Turning fifty, don't be blue
    Think of it as a stage that is new
    New wrinkles, new aches
    A big birthday cake.

    But really 50 is great
    You have now made most mistakes
    You have wisdom of the years
    That is what makes 50 so dear.

    Fifty may be a shock,
    But you can't turn back the clock
    So just enjoy your day
    And don't worry about going gray!

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