Life Is Too Short

So true are the words, life is too short. Let these short poems encourage and remind you of how fast time passes. The years can at times seem long, however, life is brief. You realize that the older you get.

Speaking from experience, an event that happened to me seems like yesterday, however, it was 20 years ago, where did the time go. Let the poems remind you to do the things that you love, be with the people you love as life passes by before we know it.

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life is short we all do know

  1. Life Is Too Short We Know
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

    Life is short we all do know,
    We cannot take advantage.
    We need to live it, and live it well,
    We need not carry baggage.

    We need to do the things we love,
    And always share a smile.
    We need to do all we can,
    To make this life worthwhile.

    Do less of all the things you do,
    That you wish you didn't do.
    Do less of all the things you hate,
    No more feeling blue.

    Don't waste more time on people,
    Who do not deserve it.
    Life is short enough without,
    Sharing it with those of no spirit.

    Share your life with those,
    Who are full of energy and love.
    These are the type of people,
    Who you never want to get rid of.

    Certain people will teach you wonders,
    Of this world and worlds above.
    Open your heart and your mind,
    And you'll find pure love.

  2. life is too short to waste your days

  3. Don't Waste Your Days
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Life is too short to waste your days
    Wake up each morning and be glad to say
    Good morning world what shall I do today
    Thank God you are awake and can have your way.

    Love the people who surround you
    Don't waste the day being blue
    Find the good in everything
    Lift your voice and sing.

    Look for opportunities to make others smile
    Do this every day not just once in a while
    Life is just too short not to help others
    Never forget that we are all brothers.

    Life is a gift and goes by fast
    Look back you'll see how quickly it has past
    Live each day, do your best
    And you will find that you are blessed!

  4. At Sunset
    Poet: Margaret E. Sangster

    It isn't the thing you do, dear,
    It's the thing you've left undone
    Which gives you a bit of heartache
    At the setting of the sun.
    The tender word forgotten,
    The letter you did not write,
    The flower you might have sent, dear,
    Are your haunting ghosts to-night.

    The stone you might have lifted
    Out of a brother's way,
    The bit of heartsome counsel
    You were hurried too much to say,
    The loving touch of the hand, dear,
    The gentle and winsome tone
    That you had no time or thought for,
    With troubles enough of your own.

    The little act of kindness,
    So easily out of mind;
    Those chances to be angels
    , Which every mortal finds--
    They come in night and silence-
    - Each chill, reproachful wraith--
    When hope is faint and flagging,
    And a blight has dropped on faith.

    For life is all too short, dear,
    And sorrow is all too great,
    To suffer our slow compassion
    That tarries until too late;
    And it's not the thing you do, dear,
    It's the thing you leave undone,
    Which gives you the bit of heartache
    At the setting of the sun.

  5. The Length Of Life
    Poet: Amos R. Wells

    Are your sorrows hard to bear?
    Life is short!
    Do you drag the chain of care?
    Life is short!
    Soon will come the glad release
    Into rest and joy and peace;
    Soon the weary thread be spun,
    And the final labor done.
    Keep your courage! Hold the fort!
    Life is short!

    Are you faint with hope delayed?
    Life is long!
    Tarries that for which you prayed?
    Life is long!
    What delights may not abide--
    What ambitions satisfied--
    What possessions may not be
    In God's great eternity?
    Lift the heart! Be glad and strong!
    Life is long!

  6. So True
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    Life is too short for being mad,
    Get over it and find some glad.
    Life is too short to not forgive,
    Keep your thoughts positive.

    Life is too short feeling blue
    Set your goals and pursue.
    Life is too short to waste your days
    Do your work, leave time for play.

    Life is too short, so live each day
    Before you know it you'll be turning gray
    So live each day and be happy too
    As life is too short, oh that's so true!

  7. Too Short
    Poet: Charlotte Becker

    Life is too short to fuss and fret,
    To waste the hours in vain regret,
    To fancy slights, to bother why
    This listener gave a vague reply.
    Or that one made some jesting threat.

    And though dull cares our ways beset.
    To court indifference, and let
    Each proffered bit of joy slip by -
    Life is too short!

    But, put the world for mirth in debt,
    And strive that odds be gayly met;
    Humor in every cross espy,
    And no least plea for cheer deny -
    Then, for the happiness we get.
    Life is too short!

  8. How Easy It Is!
    Poet: Unknown

    How easy it is to spoil a day!
    The thoughtless words of cherished friends,
    The selfish act of a child at play,
    The strength of will that will not bend,
    The slight of a comrade, the scorn of a foe,
    The smile that is full of bitter things -
    They all can tarnish its golden glow
    And take the grace from its airy wings.

    By the force of a thought we did not check
    Little by little we mold the clay,
    And little flaws may the vessel wreck
    . The careless waste of a white-winged hour,
    That held the blessing we long had sought.
    The sudden loss of wealth or power -
    And lo, the day is with ill inwrought.

    How easy it is to spoil a life -
    And many are spoiled ere well begun -
    In some life darkened by sin and strife,
    Or downward course of a cherished one,
    By toil that robs the form of its grace
    And undermines till health gives way;
    By the peevish temper, the frowning face.
    The hopes that go and cares that stay.

    A day is too long to be spent in vain;
    Some good should come as the hours go by,
    Some tangled maze may be made more plain
    Some lowered glance may be raised on high.
    And life is too short to spoil like this;
    If only a prelude, it may be sweet;
    Let us bind together its thread of bliss
    And nourish the flowers around our feet.

  9. What Is Life?
    Poet: T. L. Bailey

    Ah! what is life? How short it seems! -
    A passing mist, a world of dreams,
    So soon cut off beyond recall;
    Yet full of joy or fraught with woe,
    The days and years thus come and go;
    Relentless time soon covers all.

    He covers all, yet not unseen -
    Are moments scattered in between,
    The days and hours in pleasure passed,
    When thoughts of what beyond us lies,
    Unbidden will before us rise,
    Like mountains in our pathway cast.

    We fly away; the morning dew
    Is scarce less transient to our view;
    It fades before the rising sun;
    Though but the creature of an hour,
    The drooping flowers have felt its power,
    And gladly own its work "well done."

    Then why should life - these fleeting years -
    Be filled with anxious doubt and fears?
    'Tis far too short, too quickly run;
    Then like the dew, perform our part,
    And cheer some lonely, drooping heart;
    Let no one leave this work undone.

More Poems About Life to Encourage

We hope the words and verses in these poems have given you food for thought about how quickly life can pass us by. May they remind us that we need to realize our dreams and goals as before you know it time has slipped away. As William Shakespeare once said, "life is too short, so live your life to the fullest. . . every second of your life just treasure it. . . " Wise words we all need to live by.

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