Life Is Too Short

So true are the words, life is too short. Let these short poems encourage and remind you of how fast time passes. The years can at times seem long, however, life is brief. You realize that the older you get. 

Speaking from experience, an event that happened to me seems like yesterday, however, it was 20 years ago, where did the time go. Let the poems remind you to do the things that you love, be with the people you love as life passes by before we know it.

poems about life is too short

Life Is Too Short Poem

Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

Life is short we all do know,
We cannot take advantage.
We need to live it, and live it well,
We need not carry baggage.

We need to do the things we love,
And always share a smile.
We need to do all we can,
To make this life worthwhile.

Do less of all the things you do,
That you wish you didn't do.
Do less of all the things you hate,
No more feeling blue.

Don't waste more time on people,
Who do not deserve it.
Life is short enough without,
Sharing it with those of no spirt.

Share your life with those,
Who are full of energy and love.
These are the type of people,
Who you never want to get rid of.

Certain people will teach you wonders,
Of this world and worlds above.
Open your heart and your mind,
And you'll find pure love.

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life is too short

Don't Waste Your Days
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Life is too short to waste your days
Wake up each morning and be glad to say
Good morning world what shall I do today
Thank God you are awake and can have your way.

Love the people who surround you
Don't waste the day being blue
Find the good in everything
Lift your voice and sing.

Look for opportunities to make others smile
Do this every day not just once in a while
Life is just to short not to help others
Never forget that we are all brothers.

Life is a gift and goes by fast
Look back you'll see how quickly it has past
Live each day, do your best
And you will find that you are blessed!

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So True
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

Life is too short for being mad,
Get over it and find some glad.
Life is too short to not forgive,
Keep your thoughts positive.

Life is too short feeling blue
Set your goals and pursue.
Life is too short to waste your days
Do your work, leave time for play.

Life is too short, so live each day
Before you know it you'll be turning gray
So live each day and be happy too
As life is too short, oh that's so true!

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We hope the words and verses in these poems have given you food for thought about how quickly life can pass us by. May they remind us that we need to realize our dreams and goals as before you know it time has slipped away. As William Shakespeare once said, "life is too short, so live your life to the fullest. . . every second of your life just treasure it. . . " Wise words we all need to live by.

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