5 Enjoy Life Poems

Be inspired by these poems to enjoy life. We are all here for a limited time and we must enjoy each day and live life to the fullest.

So many people miss out on the enjoyment of today by worrying about what tomorrow will bring. But each and every one of us has no guarantee of even seeing tomorrow, today is what we have. We hope these poems encourage you to enjoy every day you have!

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  1. Enjoy Your Life
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Don't worry about tomorrow
    Enjoy today.
    Life is too short
    To do any other way.

    Let the weather
    Be as it may
    Bring your own sunshine
    By enjoying today.

    By finding the positive
    Each and every day
    You will enjoy your life
    In many ways!

    By loving others around you
    You will find love returns to you
    And love makes life easier
    So just enjoy today!

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  3. Singing Sweet
    Poet: John Kendrick Bangs

    The birds are singing in the wood
    Because they feel that life is good,
    And not a hint of care or wrong
    Disturbs the sweetness of their song,
    Though cares and wrongs they doubtless find,
    Each one according to his kind.

    For me, as on my way I plod
    Through wooded paths that must be trod
    With distant prizes to be won
    Beyond the glow of setting sun,
    Despite the vast perplexities
    That everywhere one looks one sees,
    'Spite heavy heart, and leaden feet,
    May I too keep my singing sweet!

  4. A New Day Poem
    A New Day Poem

  5. Time Flys By
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Time flys by, but the moments are ours,  
    Live today, from tomorrow, don't borrow.
    Our lives are full of joys that can be seen,  
    If we observe closely and choose to believe.
    Having a positive attitude can help you be wise,  
    Even from our sorrows, new courage can arise.  
    Enjoy life, from life, don't hide;  
    Then you will enjoy life's one-time ride!

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  7. Forget It
    Poet: Unknown

    If you see a tall fellow ahead of the crowd,
    A leader of men, marching fearless and proud,
    And you know of a tale whose mere telling aloud
    Would cause his proud head to in anguish be bowed,
    It's a pretty good plan to forget it.

    If you know of a skeleton hidden away
    In a closet and guarded and kept from the day
    In the dark; and whose showings whose sudden display
    Would cause grief and sorrow and life-long dismay
    It's a pretty good plan to forget it.

    If you know of a thing that will darken the joy
    Of a man or a woman, a girl or a boy,
    That will wipe out a mile or the least way annoy
    A fellow or cause any gladness to cloy
    It's a pretty good plan to forget it.

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  9. Beautiful Journey Through Life
    Poet: Unknown

    Let's go to the by-ways and walk with the Lord,
    And to Him our troubles lay bare;
    And I'm sure that He'll comfort our troublous hearts
    And relieve us of worry and care.

    Let us learn of the flowers that bloom by the way,
    Of  the birds that sing in the trees;
    And drink in the beauties of clouds in the skies,
    And the grain that sways in the breeze.

    Let us learn in this walk of the beauties of life
    As to Him we humbly confide;
    Let us learn of His way. His love and His care
    As meekly we walk by His side.

    What a beautiful journey it would be through this life
    If with others His glories we'd share;
    And tell of His wondrous victory o'er death.
    Of His presence revealed to us there.

    Let us tell of our Savior ascended above
    Who knows all our sorrows and strife;
    Let us share of their burdens, their sorrows and woe.
    On this wonderful journey through life.

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The next time you have a bad day, re-read these poems about enjoying life, may they encourage and inspire you!

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