Remember Our Love Poems

When someone we love leaves us there are feelings of sadness. Let these remember our love poems be ones that you share to express your feelings.

There are times when separation occurs and even though you have fond feelings for the person you have to let go. But, memories and the hope of return continues to bring hope that a reunion may occur. May the verses and thoughts in this goodbye poem be ones that you will relate to.

Plus the other poems on this page may be one that expresses your feelings to someone that you loved but is leaving. As Charles Dickens once said, "The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again."

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  1. In Fond Remembrance
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In cherished memory of our love so pure,
    I write these verses, a treasure to endure.
    Though years have gone by, my heart holds fast,
    The moments we shared, forever meant to last.

    With every heartbeat, your essence I feel,
    A love eternal, genuine and real.
    May our love's memories, timeless and bright,
    Endlessly thrive, bathing in love's light.

  2. Saying Goodbye Poem
    Saying Goodbye Poem

  3. As Time Passes By
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As time passes by, memories may fade
    But our love's essence will never evade
    For it lives on in the depths of our hearts
    A treasure kept safe through all life's parts

    Each moment held dear and cherished so
    A bond that continues to grow and glow
    And though years may pass, our love remains
    Ever steadfast, unbreakable chains.

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    Poems About Memories

  5. I Reminisce
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Each day that passes, I reminisce
    Of love we shared, a radiant bliss
    It kindles within, heart and soul
    Completing me, making me whole

    Though memories may dim and wane
    Our love forever will remain
    Imprinted in time, a precious gem
    A constant reminder of love's emblem.

  6. Short Love Poems
    Short Love Poems

  7. The Greatest Asset
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Remember our love, forever it will be
    A bond that nothing can ever break free
    Through thick and thin, we've stood strong
    Cherishing each moment all along

    Our memories together, etched in time
    A love so pure, with no reason or rhyme
    And as time goes by, let us never forget
    The love we have, for it's the greatest asset.

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    Long Distance Relationships Poems

  9. We Used To
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    We used to walk along the shore
    And watch the sunset in the sky
    We used to laugh and have good times
    Hoping we would never have to say goodbye

    But time has changed the way we are
    And distance keeps us far apart
    We rarely talk or see each other
    But that doesn't mean you're not in my heart

    I still keep you in my mind
    And think fondly of every memory
    You were the one who made me smile
    And you will always be with me.

  10. Goodbye Poems For A Friend
    Goodbye Poems For A Friend

  11. As You Depart
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As you depart, my heart feels a weight,
    Yearning for the moment we reunite.
    Though sadness fills this empty space,
    Love's ember burns, our eternal embrace.

    From the day we met, a spark ignited,
    Growing stronger, our love united.
    Across the distance, I'll patiently wait,
    Nourishing love's flame, sealing our fate.

    With each passing day, my love will grow,
    Like a river flowing, steady and slow.
    Until the time comes, when you'll be near,
    Together again, banishing every tear.

  12. With each passing day, my love will grow, Like a river flowing, steady and slow.
    Love Poetry Quotes

  13. Remember Our Love
    Poet: Julie Hebert, ©2011

    The next time we will meet,
    May be many moons away,
    But don't let that,
    Sever our love.

    Together we are strong,
    And away we can be too,
    But it takes both of us,
    To tighten the rope.

    So you remember me,
    And I'll remember you,
    And we'll both be mindful,
    Of our love.

    But I won't say goodbye,
    Only see you later,
    For this will ensure me,
    Your return

  14. I won't say goodbye, only see you later
    Goodbye Quotes

  15. Not Forever
    Poet: Unknown

    Goodbyes are not forever
    Goodbyes are not the end
    They simply mean I'll miss you
    Until we meet again!

  16. Forget Me Not Poem
    Forget Me Not Poem

  17. Loved A Little While
    Poet: Berton Braley

    And so we part in friendship, yes,
    With neither pain nor bitterness,
    And, unbewitched, we plainly see
    The meaning of our comedy;
    Yet this we know — and, knowing, smile,
    At least we loved a little while!

    The vows we made, the faith we swore
    To love — and love forevermore,
    Are quite forgot; we turn and go
    Certain, that it is better so.
    Yet though Romance cannot beguile,
    At least we loved a little while.

    Because you loved me, I have known
    A world I could not find alone,
    And from my love did you not gain
    A glimpse of palaces in Spain?
    What if we missed the Blissful Isle,
    At least we loved a little while.

    Good-by — upon your brow I press
    The kiss of faithful friendliness,
    For though we part from sorrow free,
    We lived a space in Arcady,
    And we can whisper, with a smile,
    "At least we loved a Little While!"

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