9  Berton Braley Poems

Be encouraged by these Berton Braley poems. Berton Braley was born in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1882. He sold his first verse when about seventeen years old. He won a good many prizes and was editor of the University of Wisconsin Sphinx and the Literary Magazine.

In 1915 he went to Butte, Montana, and became a cub reporter on the Inter-Mountain. He afterwards joined the editorial staff of the Evening News of Butte, remaining there for about three years. Came to New York in 1909 and free lanced until he became associate editor of Puck. In the vacations during his college career he has done numerous and sundry jobs such as selling books, clerking, passing coal on the Great Lakes, digging ditches, acting as attendant at an insane asylum, guard in a prison, farm hand, ditch digger, miner, and various other "situations round the world." These positions gave him an insight into working conditions and working men's viewpoints that has a good deal to do with the success he has achieved in singing of men who do the world's rough jobs.

He died on the 23rd of January 1966 but left the world a collection of encouragement and motivation with his poems.

Berton Braley
Berton Braley

  1. The Recipe
    This famous short poem by Berton Braley could be considered a recipe for success to live a fulfilling life. Be motivated by this encouraging poem about success.

  2. The Will To Win
    The Will To Win is one of Berton Braley's most famous poems. He has motivated thousands of people by the verses in this poem. If you need a bit of motivation then reflect on these words!

  3. Opportunity
    Berton Braley motivates us in this poem by suggesting that each and every one of us has the opportunity to do the best and to take that chance as we never know what we can accomplish.

  4. Start Where You Stand
    An encouraging poem to remind you to let go of the past and move forward today. Start taking action where you are, don't look back, look ahead. Wise and motivating verses by Berton Braley!

  5. The Thinker
    A poem reflecting on how things get made and done - the worker, the schemer, the brains and the dreamer. Be inspired by this poem.

  6. Empty
    Berton Braley's poem is one that reminds us to keep our dreams alive. He draws the analogy of a house when thinking about our dreams. Be inspired by the verses.

  7. The Builders
    One person had a vision for a city and made that vision or dream come true, something we can all do - turn our dreams into a goal then into reality.

  8. Little Further
    While the poem is funny it is also encouraging to keep on going, life has much to offer if we just keep going a little further.

  9. Hero Wanted
    Children are so innocent, they truly need heroes, and being a friend to a child can make you a hero. Let this poem by Berton Braley be one that reinforces this thought!

We hope the verses in these poems have motivated and encouraged you to be all that you can be!

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