Hero Wanted

Children are so innocent, they truly need heroes, and being a friend to a child can make you a hero. Let this poem by Berton Braley be one that reinforces this thought!

Hero Wanted
by Berton Braley

A boy's heart is a light heart,
A true heart, a clean heart.
A boy's heart is a right heart
If it has half a chance;
It’s leal and kind and tender
A knightly and a keen heart
That glows with fire and splendor
And thrills with high romance!

A boy's way is a lithe way,
A brave way, a strong way,
He takes his gay and blithe way
Amid the worldly throng
A-seeking for adventure
And if he goes the wrong way
Not his should be the censure
But those who lead him wrong.

A boy loves strength and vigor
Of mind and of sinew
He wants life braver, bigger
With more of zest and joy.
You must be fine and real
And give the best that's in you
If you'd be friend, ideal,
And Hero to a boy!

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