Hero Wanted

Children are so innocent, they truly need heroes, and being a friend to a child can make you a hero. Let this poem by Berton Braley be one that reinforces this thought!

They say it takes a village to raise a child and we all need to set an example and be a positive influence for the children around us. As we all know children watch and learn from the actions of others. We have more influence than we realize on the lives of a child. And at the Poet points out, children need adults as friends - someone that they can turn to and look up to. A hero in their lives!

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Hero Wanted
Poet: Berton Braley

A boy's heart is a light heart,
A true heart, a clean heart.
A boy's heart is a right heart
If it has half a chance;
It’s leal and kind and tender
A knightly and a keen heart
That glows with fire and splendor
And thrills with high romance!

A boy's way is a lithe way,
A brave way, a strong way,
He takes his gay and blithe way
Amid the worldly throng
A-seeking for adventure
And if he goes the wrong way
Not his should be the censure
But those who lead him wrong.

A boy loves strength and vigor
Of mind and of sinew
He wants life braver, bigger
With more of zest and joy.
You must be fine and real
And give the best that's in you
If you'd be friend, ideal,
And Hero to a boy!

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Another short poem about what children need, by Poet, Olive G. Owen.  The poetry reminds us that a child in the generation of tomorrow and how important it is that we protect and guide our children.

A Child
Poet: Olive G. Owen

A child am I, yet in me lies
Part of the future of the race.
A child, in whom the good- and ill
Of ages past have left their trace.

A child, with right to dream and play,
To grow just as God's flowers do.
A child, look deep within my eyes
And you can read God's message true.

Protect me now, that I may keep
The Flag of Freedom floating high;
Protect me, that the alter fires
Of Truth and Justice may not die.

Protect me, for the Master said,
"Let little children come to Me.
And yet whate'er ye do to them,
Ye do it also unto Me."

Protect me, ye of larger growth,
Hear my appeal. Please take my hand
And lead me safely through the days
Of Childhood into Grown-up Land.

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