It isn't that many millions of people across this world don't have dreams. And, for sure, many dreams never leave a person's thoughts and are dashed upon the rocks of time. For, it is a person's dreams that may never see the light of day cast instead into the darkest corners of the subconscious mind. Dreams are never fulfilled without a burning desire to put them into practice so that they, in turn, become a reality. But, oh so often, it is these very dreams that are shelved by those who never persevere. The question is then, what does it take to bring these dreams out of darkness into the light?

A dream is simply an expression of the thought of something that is desired. But, at what point does a dream leave from one's thoughts and is turned into reality? The answer is quite simple.

For those people who have had dreams but have never taken even one action to start on their pathway to accomplishment means that they will forever ask, "what if". What if they had started to take the first step?

That first step never is the end of the dream but is only the beginning. The first step must be the development of a detailed action plan that clearly shows what must be done first, second, third, and so on until the goal is finally accomplished. And, the sad thing is that there are countless people who start with a plan of some sort or another but never get beyond the plan.

Then, there are those people who will start to take action but get sidetracked by other demands of life. Then, there are those people who start taking several steps but run into a roadblock of some sort or another and give up.

However, the best true stories of success are those people who see what could be, develop an action plan and decide that nothing will stand in the way that derails them from reaching their final destination. It is these types of people who often run into roadblocks but persevere and find a solution rather than becoming stuck in the problem. It is these types of people who have such a burning desire to succeed that even a failed attempt does not dissuade them from moving forward. It is these types of people who take a failure as a learning opportunity; to use the elements that worked and cast aside those portions that did not and start again with even more renewed vigor and determination. For it is, that those who have met failure head-on and burst through are the ones that ultimately succeed.

The question then is this: what type of dreamer are you? The one who allows a dream to die, or a person who through passion and desire moves forward despite the obstacles confronted in life/ You must decide; it is your choice and no one else.

In summary, Berton Braley's poem is one that reminds us to keep our dreams alive.

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by Berton Braley

Oh. Little House of Pleasant Dreams,
The dreams are fled
And you are but four empty walls
Whose soul is dead.
The garden that was magic soil
Is common loam.
And there is nothing but a house
Which was a Home.

Still through your windows shines the sun
And breathes the air.
The quaint old rugs and furniture,
Unchanged, are there;
Yet they seem bathed in ghostly light
Chill, pale and wan,
For there's no warmth in any house
Whose dreams are gone.

Love touched you with its rosy glow
By night and day.
But love, with clipped and wounded wing
Has limped away,
And leaves a shelter — nothing more —
Of wood and stone,
A Little House of Pleasant Dreams
Whose dreams are flown!

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