Home Is Here

A cute poem about where is home. Wilhelmina Stitch reminds us that home is not the material things we have, nor is it the structure, home is wehre the people that we love are at.

Home Is Here
by Wilhelmina Stitch

"Home is here," says the chair,
"Though I'm shabby, I don't care.
I have given hours of rest
To a weary, much-loved guest.
Do not ask, 'Home is where!'
"It is here," says the chair.

"Home is here," says the fire.
"I'm the symbol of desire;
I'm a magnet drawing folk
To sit cosily and joke.
Of me no one can tire.
I'm home's pivot," says the fire.

Say the books, "Home is here.
We dispel despair and fear.
We encourage man to live
By the comfort that we give.
We're the spirit of the home,"
Cried aloud each precious tome.

Says the heart, "You speak so well.
This is home, yea, I can tell.
Chairs and books, I turn you out...
Fire, I quench you with a doubt.
Yet my home, my home is here,
since my love is drawing near."

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