Welcome Friends

We welcome our friends into our lives. Let these short poems be ones that remind you of the importance of friends and may they offer a welcoming verse that you will share with your friends.

Friendship means that we give each other support and encouragement. We hope the words of the Poet, John McLeod, encourage you to always extend a welcoming hand to those who are dear to you. John is a man who lived his life always extending a hand and offering a welcome. You can see this in his poems!

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  1. Welcome Friends Gladly
    Poet: John McLeod,

    Welcome Friends, right gladly
    So bright the love you bring,
    For when I'm feeling sadly
    All alone, you put the spring
    Back in my step, your laughter
    Is the tonic that I need,
    A sense of ever after
    Growing from love's wondrous seed,

    Welcome Friends, warm greeting
    Ever caring, ever near,
    So blessed is our meeting
    And our sharing happy cheer.
    You bring a sense of knowing
    That has banished care's dark night,
    Thrice welcome Friends, Love's glowing
    Leading safely to His Light!

  2. i value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but i cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar

  3. There Is Nothing Like
    Poet: John McLeod, 1988

    There's nothing like a good old hug
    To make your feathers glisten
    A friend to share the moments with
    To talk with and to listen
    So be assured, this Friend
    Who loves your presence and society
    Restrains his hugs (in this localle)
    Preserving, thus propriety.

    Yet, all this said, you know he cares
    And always will, no matter,
    With dulcet tones, this poet and clown,
    Loves you no matter!

  4. This poem, Dear Friend, was written by John for his friends
    that expresses the welcoming of God's love.

  5. Dear Friend
    Poet: John McLeod,

    Dear Friend,
    though time itself will clearly show
    The way that, long ago, we chose to go
    Towards the light of His dear love, I know
    That faith's strong tree will ever stronger grow.
    And, whiles, we find the journey daunting, still
    One day we'll stand upon a splendid hill
    And looking back will joyfully agree:
    "What came to pass was always meant to be!"

    Timeless as a sea-shell on a single shore,
    And all the questions ever asked will one day bring
    A splendour and a radiance of love before
    And to the endless asking such sweet answering.

    Timeless as a sea-shell on a single shore,
    And each day but a twinkly in an ageless eye,
    For every earthly care that ever shoulders bore
    Wil life ere one bright spirit hour wings gently bye.

    Timeless as a sea-shell on a single shore,
    And love that will transcend and light
    Each darkened place,
    Lift suffering's grief and oh such joy bring to the fore,
    The Good Lord's guidance and His radiant smiling face!

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