Your Land!

An inspirational poem about what your country means to you. When you think of the land where you live what thoughts come to mind. In this poem Berton Braley asks questions that may get you to reflect on the country that you live in.

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Your Land!
Poet: Berton Braley

What does your country mean to you?
Merely a place to live and make money in?
Merely a hive where you gather the honey in,
Or something that's splendid and true?
Something that thrills you and holds you and thralls you
Something your pulses can leap and beat high for
Making you ready to serve when it calls you
Something to work and to live and to die for?
What does it mean to you?

What does your country mean to you?
Only a land that your profits are swelling in,
Only a spot that you chance to be dwelling in,
Or something that thrills you through?
A warmth in your heart and a fire in the soul of you,
A glow in your eyes and a light in your brain,
A faith that is passionate, gripping the whole of you,
A vision of glory that shall not be vain?
Or only a place where there's business to do,
What does it mean to you?

What does your country mean to you?
Something to boast and brag for,
To cheer and to wave the flag for,
(The red and the white and blue)
And then to forget? Or is it
A land you will give devotion,
And courage and hope exquisite,
Till all of the dreams you've sought for
And all of the goals you've fought for
In this, our land, come true?
What does your country mean to you?

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Up With The Flag!
Poet: Berton Braley

Up with the flag! Up with the flag!
Up with the flag we love!
Till its colors flutter from every roof
And merge with the skies above.
And our eyes shall fill and our hearts shall thrill
With the joy that is always new,
At the grand old sight of the red and white,
And the stars in a field of blue.

Let our flag unfurled to a watching world
Be proof that we keep our trust,
That we take our part with a valiant heart
In a cause that we know is just!
Let it float on high, and if men must die
To keep it from blot or stain,
They shall meet their fate with souls elate -
And they shall not die in vain.

For the flag still holds in its ample folds
The spell of its olden fame,
And our pulses leap, and we burn down deep
With a wonderful, quenchless flame;
As the flag flings free for all to see
In the sweep of the winds above,
Up with the flag! Up with the flag!
Up with the flag we love!

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