The Joy Of Life

Life is meant for living. This poem, The Joy of Life, expresses the thoughts of Berton Braley and life. You can play it safe and not take any risks, or you can live life with all the adventures it brings. You can see by the verses that Berton Braley is will to take a risk, to dare, rather than have a dull and boring life.

To dare or to take a chance must be weighed by the risk. Always ask yourself the question, if I fail what is the worst thing that can happen? In deciding whether to do a thing or not, you can ask yourself the question will someday will I wonder, "What if I had done ...?" We all decide whether or not to live our life to the fullest! Let this poem inspire and encourage you to reflect on the decisions you are making. Is life an adventure, or is life a bore?

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The Joy Of Life
Poet: Berton Braley

I'd rather risk gamely
And lose for my trying
Than grind around tamely -
 A cog in the mill.
I'd rather fail greatly
With courage undying
Then plod on sedately
With never a thrill!

The game's in the playing
And, losing or winning,
The fun's in essaying
Your bravest and best,
In taking your chances
While Fate's wheel is spinning,
And backing your fancies
With nerve and with zest!

Let stodgy folk censure
And timid folk quaver,
But life is an adventure
Is weary to bear,
The dangers we're sharing
Give living its savour,
I'd rather die daring
Than never to dare!

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Be encouraged by another poem by Berton Braley which could be what we are all looking for in life!

by Berton Braley

I'm looking for Bohemia,
Where hearts are ever hand.
Where all the folk are young and poor
And no one seems to mind;
I'm looking for Bohemia,
The glad, the ever gay.
Where faith and hope are verities.
Where undiscovered merit is.
Won't some one tell me where it is
And point me out the way?

I'm looking for Bohemia,
Where men are real and true.
Where one may know the rosemary
And never taste die rue;
I'm looking for Bohemia,
Where joy has her abode.
Oh, I have heard how fair it is,
How filled with ''do and dare" it is.
Can some one tell me where it is
And put me on the road?

I'm looking for Bohemia,
The land of heart's desire.
Where love is made of tenderness
And not of tears and fire;
I'm looking for Bohemia
Despite the cynics' doubt
(An idle dream, they swear it is.
The truth I still declare it is).
Won't some one tell me where it is
And set me on the route?

I'm looking for Bohemia,
I've sought it far and long:
The place of ever-wreathing smoke.
Of laughter, love and song.
I'll not believe Bohemia
Is only dream-stuff frail.
Ah, surely more than air it is,
In some Elysian lair it is,
And I shall learn of where it is
And follow on the trail!

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