Enjoy this poem by Berton Braley about being a misanthrope. If you are not sure what a misanthrope is, the dictionary defines it as a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society. Berton's poem is not one where I would not define him as a misanthrope, but one that I think we all can relate to at one point or another - when we all feel like we just need a break, we just want to get away. Enjoy this poem which I would say we all feel like at some point in our life.

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Poet: Berton Braley

Mostly I love my fellow men,
But I get weary now and then
Of all they do and all they say,
Their way of work, of life, of play,
And on occasions such as that
I hie me to my little flat
And glower at the world, and swear
At everybody everywhere!

In wrathful dreams I take a poke
At all my friends, my foes I choke,
The idle rich, the common host,
The good and bad alike I roast,
And when the slaughter is complete
(Within my mind), why, life is sweet!
I am not often taken thus
But when I am — I'm murderous!

Mostly, I say, I love mankind,
Its funny ways I do not mind,
But just about two times a year
If I could see my pathway clear,
I'd go and find some gloomy cave
Where I could sit and rave and rave
And have my fill of angry fun
Hooting loud hoots at every one!

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