The Builders

A poem about those who dream of building a city. The poem was written for the city of Newark in New Jersey but it can be the basis of any city in the world. One person had a vision for a city and made that vision or dream come true, something we can all do - turn our dreams into a goal then into reality. After reading this poem you may also want to read our collection of poems of encouragement

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The Builders
by Berton Braley

Never a jungle is penetrated,
Never an unknown sea is dared,
Never adventure is consummated,
Never a faint new trail is fared,
But that some dreamer has had the vision
Which leads men on to the ends of earth,
That laughs at doubting, and scorns derision,
And falters not at the cynic s mirth.

So the dreamer dreams, but there follows after
The mighty epic of steel and stone,
When caisson, scaffold and well and rafter
Have made a fact where the dream was shown;
And so with furnace and lathe and hammer,
With blast that rumbles and shaft that gleams,
Her factories crowned with a grimy glamour,
Newark buildeth the dreamers dreams.

Where the torrent leaps with a roar of thunder,
Where the bridge is built or the dam is laid,
Where the wet walled tunnel burrows under
Mountain, river and palisade,
There is Newark's magic of nail or girder,
Of spikes and castings and posts and beams,
The need and wants of the world have spurred her,
Newark city that builds our dreams.

She has fashioned tools for the world's rough duty,
For the men who dig and the men that hew,
She has fashioned jewels for wealth and beauty,
She has shod the prince and the pauper, too;
So the dreamer dreams, he s the wonder waker,
With soul that hungers and brain that teems,
But back of him toils the magic-maker,
Newark city that builds his dreams.

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 Another poem by Berton Braley about dreamers and what can be achieved:

The Pioneers
Poet: Berton Braley

They're the ''utterly foolish dreamers"
Who dream of a better day;
They're not the plotters and schemers
Who work for glory and pay,
But with confidence undiminished
They dream of a world made new,
And after their days are finished
The wonderful dream comes true!

They're the fighters who fight undaunted
For the utterly hopeless cause.
Ridiculed, jeered and taunted.
With never a lull or pause;
But after they've fought and perished.
And after their work is done.
The cause they have loved and cherished
Is lifted to fame - and won!

They know the hope and the yearning.
The sting of the blind world's scorn.
But never the sunshine burning.
The skies of their visioned morn;
They're the warriors fine and splendid.
The fond and the faithful few.
Whose battles and work are ended.
Or ever the dreams come true!

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