An encouraging poem by Berton Braley about opportunity. It is a truism that everyone has opportunity throughout their lives. Some people would suggest, instead, that not everyone has the same opportunities.

For these types of people, they would rather believe that other persons are naturally given more chances in life to succeed or more vehicles from which they can build new and fabulous lifestyles. Or, some people also strongly believe that "luck" fails them but casts its brilliance upon others.

However, none of these aforementioned statements are true.

No matter where you live, or where you have been born whether that is into a wealthy family or to dirt poor parents, opportunities are available. The sad truth is that those who believe what their family roots did or did not give them have little to nothing to do with what lies ahead. Many of you have heard about the "cycle of poverty" but that cycle can be broken. How? The real opportunity lies within. That's right. The genuine possibility is for you to see; for you to plan to achieve, and for you to grasp hold of so strong that nothing will ever dissuade you from succeeding. But, bear in mind that just because you can envision a dream coming true does not mean that from now on everything will be a bed of roses. Why? Because within that bed of roses lie thorny branches.

So, what does this all mean? AS Berton Braley says, "Don't worry and fret, faint hearted, the chances have just begun," for it is recognizing that chances are abundant that keeps the spark of good fortune alive. For each chance, there is another new avenue to pursue or another path around the obstacle in the way. Defeat, or failure, is only an opportunity to reload from past mistakes taking forward those parts that showed promise or sprouted new ways towards accomplishment.

Thus, this is a poem of encouragement for anyone who has doubts about the opportunity that each of us has. Berton Braley motivates us in this poem by delineating that each and every one of us has the opportunity to do the best and to take that chance because we never know what we can accomplish. Let his words motivate you to take action towards the dreams and goals that you may have!

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by Berton Braley

With doubt and dismay you are smitten
You think there's no chance for you, son?
Why, the best books haven't been written
The best race hasn't been run
The best score hasn't been made yet,
The best song hasn't been sung,
The best tune hasn't been played yet,
Cheer up, for the world is young!

No chance? Why the world is just eager
For things that you ought to create.
Its store of true wealth is still meager
Its needs are incessant and great
It yearns for more power and beauty
More laughter and love and romance,
More loyalty, labor and duty,
No chance-why there's nothing but chance!

For the best verse hasn't been rhymed yet,
The best house hasn't been planned,
The highest peak hasn't been climbed yet,
The mightiest rivers aren't spanned
Don't worry and fret, faint hearted,
The chances have just begun,
For the Best jobs haven't been started,
The Best work hasn't been done

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