Change My Life

There are many times when we say, just change my life. Be encouraged by these short poems about changing you! We may be facing challenges or issues that we just want to get rid of.

As Hal Elrod once said, "Remember, the moment you accept total responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you claim the power to change anything in your life." We hope these poems give you thoughts about changing your life that may encourage you or motivate you to make the changes needed to avoid any frustration that you are feeling.

In summary, read the word of Mary S. Scotsburn, "Talking or wishing will not change a thing. Taking action will change your life."

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  1. Change - It Is Up To Me
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2020

    Change in your life you want to see
    But first, you have to realize it is up to me.

    You have to stop and think about things
    What is it you want to see that life will bring

    Develop a plan and write it down
    Don't sit and wish, you'll look like a clown

    Take action steps one by one
    Complete each one until the step is done

    Don't be discouraged if you run into a roadblock
    There is a way to go around, stop and take stock

    If you have the determination and a plan to follow
    You will find changes and you will not find sorrow

    Always remember it is up to me
    To change my life to the best it can be.

  2. If I Could Change My Life
    Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2015

    If I could change my life,
    What would I actually change.
    This question makes me wonder,
    What change could I arrange.

    First of all, I know that,
    My past would stay the same.
    I would never make a change,
    That would take from the life I came.

    If I could make a change,
    It would be to me here and now.
    Maybe I'd change my habits,
    Or maybe I would change a vow.

    But one thing I know for sure is,
    I like my life as is.
    I'm sure there are things to better myself,
    But I am thankful for life as it is.

  3. We Ourselves Change
    by Thomas Carlyle

    To-day is not yesterday:
    we ourselves change;
    how can our works and thoughts,
    if they are always to be the fittest,
    continue always the same?

    Change, indeed, is painful,
    yet ever needful;
    and, if memory have its force and worth,
    so also has hope.

  4. Days Change
    Poet: George Klingle

    Days change so many things - yes, hours -
    We see so differently in suns and showers;
    Mistaken words to-night
    May be so cherished by to-morrow's light!
    We may be patient, for we know
    There's such a little way to go.

  5. You Want Change
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    You want change in your life you say
    You talk about it each and every day
    You are not happy with life as such
    You complain it is all to much.

    You want change in your life you say
    You dream about it every day.
    But a dream will not change a thing
    Action taken - change it brings.

    You want to change in your life you say
    You wish away your days.
    Dreaming, wishing and hoping
    Has the same result as moping.

    The change in your life will happen
    Once you set your goals with actions
    Moving forward each day towards those goals
    Will change your life, you know!

  6. The Web Of Life
    Poet: Unknown

    A beautiful piece of patches and shreds -
    But stay your passionate grieving -
    Is it late to pick up the broken threads
    And change the pattern of weaving?

    The warp was dyed in the wool and drawn
    To the loom without your willing;
    But the shuttle that flies from dawn to dawn
    Carries the thread of your filling.

    The fabric of life by which you are known
    Is not, perhaps, of your choosing;
    But the matter which gives it light and tone
    Is the color you are using.

    Over the dingy ancestral dyes,
    Over and under, and over,
    The gold of your shuttle tints as it flies
    The blemish it may not cover.

    Forward and onward, you may not pause
    In your own work disbelieving;
    For still by the force of its unseen laws
    The loom goes on with its weaving.

    And your inmost thought is caught in the snare
    By a law that no man knoweth;
    And your purpose, be it false or fair,
    Shows the web, as it groweth.

    Well for you, and well for us all, sweet friend,
    When, at last, our shuttles falter,
    If the weavers beginning where we end
    Find naught in the pattern to alter.

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