6 Poems About Earth Day

Let these poems about earth day remind you how fragile our world is. Earth Day is a day to take action, to recognize that we all must preserve and protect the land, air, and water; that we are all responsible for taking care of the planet Earth.

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  1. Conserving The Earth
    A Cree Indian Poem

    Only when the last tree has died
    and the last river has been poisoned
    and the last fish has been caught
    will we realize that we cannot eat money.

  2. We Are Stewards
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    We are stewards of this planet Earth
    We are to take care, not target
    We are responsible for land, water, and air
    We must never take for granted but always care.

    The air we breathe must be protected
    People of the world are all connected.
    The water that we need to drink
    If polluted will definitely shrink.

    We must also protect the land
    Together we must stand hand in hand.
    We owe this to our children of tomorrow
    Don't leave them a world full of sorrow.

  3. There Was A Time
    Poet: Charles Mair

    There was a time on this fair continent
    When all things throve in spacious peacefulness.
    The prosperous forests unmolested stood.
    For where the stalwart oak grew, there it lived
    Long ages, and then died among its kind.

    The hoary pines - those ancients of the earth,
    Brimful of trends of the early world -
    Stood thick on their own mountains unsubdued.
    And all things else illumined by the sun.
    Inland, or by the lifted wave, had rest.

    The passionate or calm pageants of the skies
    No artist drew; but in the auburn west
    Innumerable faces of fair cloud
    Vanished in silent darkness with the day.
    The prairie realm - vast ocean's paraphrase -

    Rich in wild grasses numberless, and flowers
    Unnamed save in mute Nature's inventory.
    No civilized barbarian trenched for gain.
    And all that flowed was sweet and uncorrupt:
    The rivers and their tributary streams,

    Undammed, wound on forever, and gave up
    Their lonely torrents of weird gulfs of sea.
    And ocean wastes unshadowed by a sail
    And all the wild life of this western world
    Knew not the fear of man; yet in those woods  - 

    There lived a soul more wild than barbarous;
    A tameless soul - the sunburnt savage free -
    Free, and untainted by the greed of gain:
    Great Nature's man content with Nature's food.

  4. The Three R's
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Three R's are reduce, reuse, and recycle
    Implementing them is only sensible.
    We must take care of this world of ours
    Appreciate it all from air to the flowers.

    If we choose to reduce we can
    Use less by following a plan.
    Rather than just consume
    Which can lead to doom.

    And if we look at things and reuse
    We have nothing to lose.
    Items don't have to be new
    To bring use and a value.

    If we implement recycle
    We are allowing things to be double.
    We can make different things
    Rather than just being trash to bring.

    So these 3 R's will help protect
    Our planet, they will have an effect.
    You make a difference in what you do
    It is up to me and to you!

  5. Earth Day
    Poet: Jane Yolen

    I am the Earth
    And the Earth is me.
    Each blade of grass,
    Each honey tree,
    Each bit of mud,
    And stick and stone
    Is blood and muscle,
    Skin and bone.

    And just as I
    Need every bit
    Of me to make
    My body fit,
    So Earth needs
    Grass and stone and tree
    And things that grow here

    That's why we
    Celebrate this day.
    That's why across
    The world we say:
    As long as life,
    As dear, as free,
    I am the Earth
    And the Earth is me.

  6. Every Day
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    During the month of April
    Earth Day is celebrated at this time of year
    The reason for it is to recognize
    If we don't protect the earth, then there is reason for fear.

    The warming of the sea
    The pollution that is caused
    For nature is contrary
    And can destroy what currently is.

    The planet needs to be preserved
    To protect all families
    Our health and livelihoods depend
    On natural qualities.

    Don't say you can't make a difference
    Small things add up to big things
    Picking up garbage in your neighborhood
    If we all took action, a difference it would bring.

    And taking action is not just for one day
    We must think about the earth and what we do
    What impact are you having to make every day be Earth day
    Be conscious of that too!

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