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Simple Things

Be inspired by these poems which talk about simple things. We often complicate and expect things that are complex. Life offers many simple things for us all to enjoy, but we just have to take the time to notice them. Simple is many times better!

And when it comes to simple living Ryan Williams from his book, Simplicity, says it best, "Simple living means choosing to be happy not by hoarding material objects, but by focusing on what really is important and transcending beyond the realm of the material world to obtain true happiness." And that is what it is all about your happiness! Be encouraged and motivated by the poem about simple things!

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  1. The Simple Things In Life
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

    The simple things in life,
    Are usually in front of your eyes.
    All you have to do each day,
    Is look up into the skies.

    Look at the beauty around you,
    Run and play outside.
    Find what you've been missing,
    Look what's in front, in back and beside.

    We usually don't even realize,
    What we miss out on each day.
    When was the last time you made an effort,
    To go to the ocean and see the bay?

    Life is so very short,
    We need to take advantage of our time,
    Open your eyes to the simple things,
    jump up and go for a climb.

  2. things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler. Albert Einstein
    Simplicity Poem

    The poem Leisure, by Douglas Malloch, points out things he is thankful for. You will notice a common theme running through the verses. He is thankful for simple things.
  3. Leisure
    Poet: Douglas Malloch

    I thank the Lord that I have time
    For things that pay no dividends,
    For song and book and sunset gleam
    And sweet companionship of friends.
    The song may be some simple theme,
    The book some poet's dreamy rime
    For those who dare to pause and dream
    I thank the Lord that I have time.

    I thank the Lord that I have time
    To stop a moment by the way
    To kiss the scented lips of flowers
    And hear the voice of songbirds gay.
    The lark announces morning hours,
    Around my door the roses climb.
    And Nature lures me to her bowers -
    I thank the Lord that I have time.

    I thank the Lord that I have time
    To pause beside some other soul
    Who falters by my poor abode
    Upon the path to greater goal.
    If I can help him on his road.
    Can aid his weary feet to climb.
    If I can ease him of his load,
    I thank the Lord that I have time.

    I thank the Lord that I have time
    For humbler joys and humbler things.
    I thank the Lord for lips that smile,
    I thank the Lord for heart that sings.
    If I in life's uncertain while
    With word or song or cheery rime
    Can light some pilgrim's dreary mile,
    I thank the Lord that I have time.

  4. Christian Poems
    Christian Poems

    This poem, The Simple Life, by David V. Bush points out no matter what ambitions we have in life, no matter where we go, we often yearn for the simpler things that life has to offer.
  5. The Simple Life
    Poet: David V. Bush

    Oh, for a day in the country,
    In the open wide and clear;
    For the smell of the honeysuckle,
    For the humming-bird to hear!

    Oh, for a stroll in the valley,
    0'er the rocks and up the hill;
    For the breath of the lilac blossoms,
    For the cry of the whip-poor-will!

    Oh, for the stilly twilight.
    For the evening clear and still;
    For the cricket's merry chirping.
    For the screech owl's call so shrill!

    Oh, for a day in the country;
    For the quiet early morn!
    Oh, for blessed respite
    From the sorrows life has borne!

    Oh, for the quiet hillside.
    For the restful, happy dell;
    For the homestead's blissful solace;
    For the peace I know so well!

    Sing to me now of the country,
    Of the simple life of old;
    Of the open book of Nature,
    And her wonders manifold.

    When my brief life is ended,
    And its trials ever past;
    Oh, carry me back to the country.
    Where rest may be mine at last.

    Lured by a wild ambition,
    From the fields I loved of old,
    I turned to the teeming city.
    And the maddening strife for gold.

    Oft 'mid the ruthless struggle
    For the simple life I yearn;
    And back to the home of my boyhood
    My restless thoughts will turn.

    Yet though I long at moments
    To flee to the sylvan rest,
    The courage to dare and conquer
    Seems surely to me the best.

    For in the quiet country.
    There is yet no dearth of woe;
    Each human life has its burden;
    For God has ordained it so.

    Oh, for the peaceful country,
    Where rest may make me strong!
    Then back again to my duty,
    To battle against the wrong.

    There at my post of duty,
    Amid the tumult and strife,
    Let me meet with courage and patience
    The changing lot of life.

  6. the simple things in life, are usually in front of your eyes.
    Simplicity Quotes

  7. Small Sweet Ways
    Poet: Unknown

    There's never a rose in all the world but
    makes some green spray sweeter;
    There's never a wind in all the sky but
    makes some bird's wing fleeter;
    There's never a star but brings to heaven some
    silvery radiance tender;
    There's never a cloud that murks the sky but
    crowns the sunset splendor;
    There's never a robin but thrills some heart,
    his dawnlike gladness voicing -
    God gives us all some small, sweet way to set
    the world rejoicing.

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