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Find a simplicity poem that reinforces living a less complicated life. Hopefully the verses will remind you to turn off the gadgets, to turn off the TV, to have days where you just enjoy the simple things in life.

Some people couldn't imagine what it would be like without all of our modern conveniences, however, it is good for the soul to just keep things simple at times. I am not saying that we should do away with the progress that we have made, what I am saying is that there are times when we should just see the beauty in the simple everyday things. We hope you enjoy the wisdom in these simplicity poems .

Simpler Ways

Poem written by Julie Hebert, 2015

Making do with less,
Is something we should all do,
Corporations and associations,
Make us fear we need new.

But life way back was much simpler,
Yet people were just as happy,
They had everything their lives did need,
They weren't nearly quite as sappy.

People today feel they need to conform,
Or coward out of sight,
A life without the newest toy,
Would obviously be a horrible fright!

On the contrary people,
This stuff is clouding our minds,
Remember what it was like to be outdoors,
Our hair blowing in the winds?

The games outdoors give more than just fun,
You get exercise, nature and friends,
Computer, video and tablet games,
Lock you up with no clear end.

TV's and movies are always great fun,
But do nothing but desensitize your brain,
Sure you may learn a thing here or there,
But eventually, you will be left drained.

So turn it all off, put it away,
Remember the simpler ways,
Life before was great and fun,
Before all this unnecessary haze.

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simplicity poem

Poem written by John McLeod

Is removing the
Masks of Life that
Puzzle and   
Limit our progress
In the journey towards
Inner peace and the
Tranquility all
 Yearn for.

Perhaps, than simply
Letters on a page.
It holds a message
Clear, no
Incongruity to confuse
         The senses now or

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simplicity of life

We Get So Busy
Poem Written by Catherine Pulsifer

At times, we get so busy
It can truly make you dizzy.
We put so much pressure and stress
We don't even have time to get dressed.

We run here and there
Doing things our parents wouldn't have dared
While advances are good
We need to slow down, we should.

So many things seem important to be done
We don't leave enough time for fun
We do so much each day
We want success in every way.

But then a major shock comes
And for us, we seem overwhelmed
It makes us stop and look at life
We question our purpose and is there afterlife.

When we find enjoyment in the simple things
We come to realize all that life can bring
Life goes by way to fast
We must enjoy and make it last.

Simplicity and simple things may seem
Like only a far fetched dream.
But you have the power to control
By resetting your daily goals.

Take the time to slow down a bit
Before your health takes a hit
Uncomplicate your life today
You will find you'll be happier every day!

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Simple Vacations
Poem Written by Catherine Pulsifer

To earn the dollars we work so hard
To take trips to places afar
We work all year to go for two weeks
To see the mountain and the creeks.

And that two weeks they seem to go so fast
We wish for more time so vacation would last
We go back to work and start again
Saving money for a vacation to spend.

But if we stopped and enjoyed our surroundings
We would find beauty resounding
As in our backyards, there are so many things
But we don't stop and see the beauty they bring.

It can simplify your life so much
If you take the time as such
To discover the beauty that abounds
By discovering the things that surround.

And the best part is the cost is less
Which can truly reduce your stress
You can enjoy it every day
You don't have to go far away.

So take a look at your goals
Simplify and take control
Find simple things that you can do
It'll uncomplicate your life too!

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Leading a simplier life is easier than you think. Bringing a bit more simplicity to our lives can have such a positive impact on the quality of our life and on our happiness. We hope these poems have encouraged you and that you have found a simplicity poem that you will share with others.

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