Seeds of Kindness

We scatter seeds throughout our lives, and some of the best seeds are kindness. You never know the impact a kind act will have. It may have a ripple effect touching the lives of many people. Let this poem by Walt Mason inspire you to spread many seeds of kindness!

Seeds of Kindness
Poet: Walt Mason

Then scatter seeds of kindness, I heard a pilgrim sing;
and then, with human blindness he scattered t'other thing.
He scattered seeds of sorrow, complaining at his lot;
and they will grow tomorrow, and thrive where he has wrought.

How often we have sent it, from thoughtless lips, that song!
And if we only neant it, 'twould help the world along.
We drone a noble anthem in to the weeping night;
We learn our hymns and hange as cultured parrots might;

We deal in stately phrases, and heed not what they mean;
We roam through wordy mazes, and prize things for their sheen;
We dish up truth in thimbles, and platitudes in mass;
And all is tinkling cymbals, and all is sounding brass.

In careless words we riot, and life would be sore
If tongues would but be quiet, and the heart say more.

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