Be Kind To Animals

It doesn't matter what type of animal, we should always be kind to animals. Animals have feelings just like we do and they deserve to be treated kindly and with respect. We hope these poems remind you of how wonderful animals are and caring and being kind to them is a blessing, as they are always there for us!

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  1. Kindness To Animals
    Poet: Unknown

    They have no voice to ask us
    For the pity which they need
    With shame they cannot task us
    How're their hearts may bleed.

    However they despise us
    For all the hurts they bear
    They cannot criticize us
    Or say that we're unfair.

    We call them God's dumb creatures
    And yet we know they feel.
    For oft their anguished features
    Their sufferings reveal.

    They cannot ask for kindness
    Nor for our mercy plead
    Yet cruel is our blindness
    Which does not see their need.

  2. Hurt No Living Thing
    Poet: Christina Rossetti

    Hurt no living thing:
    Ladybird, nor butterfly,
    Nor moth with dusty wing,
    Nor cricket chirping cheerily,
    Nor grasshopper so light of leap,
    Nor dancing gnat, nor beetle fat,
    Nor harmless worms that creep.

  3. ...people who are kind to animals will more likely exhibit compassion toward other people.

  4. Be Always Kind
    Poet: Joseph Ashby-Sterry

    Speak gently to the herring and kindly to the calf,
    Be blithesome with the bunny, at barnacles don’t laugh!
    Give nuts unto the monkey, and buns unto the bear,
    Ne’er hint at currant jelly if you chance to see a hare!
    Oh, little girls, pray hide your combs when tortoises draw nigh,
    And never in the hearing of a pigeon whisper Pie!
    But give the stranded jelly-fish a shove into the sea,-
    Be always kind to animals wherever you may be!

    Oh, make not game of sparrows, nor faces at the ram,
    And ne’er allude to mint sauce when calling on a lamb.
    Don’t beard the thoughtful oyster, don’t dare the cod to crimp,
    Don’t cheat the pike, or ever try to pot the playful shrimp.
    Tread lightly on the turning worm, don’t bruise the butterfly,
    Don’t ridicule the wry-neck, nor sneer at salmon-fry;
    Oh, ne’er delight to make dogs fight, nor bantams disagree,-
    Be always kind to animals wherever you may be!

    Be lenient with lobsters, and ever kind to crabs,
    And be not disrespectful to cuttle-fish or dabs;
    Chase not the Cochin-China, chaff not the ox obese,
    And babble not of feather-beds in company with geese.
    Be tender with the tadpole, and let the limpet thrive,
    Be merciful to mussels, don’t skin your eels alive;
    When talking to a turtle don’t mention calipee -
    Be always kind to animals wherever you may be.

  5. Kindness To Animals
    Poet: Gisborne

    Turn, turn the hasty foot aside,
    Nor crush the helpless worm:
    The frame thy wayward looks deride
    Required a God to form.

    The common Lord of all that move,
    From whom thy being flowed,
    A portion of his boundless love
    On that poor worm bestowed.

    The sun, the moon, the stars, he made
    To all his creatures free;
    And spreads o'er earth the grassy blade
    For worms as well as thee.

    Let them enjoy their little day,
    Their lowly bliss receive:
    Oh! do not lightly take away
    The life thou canst not give.

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