Animal Poems For Kids

Let these animal poems for kids be ones that you read to your children. Children and animals have a special relationship that every parent can see as their child grows. Kids love to watch animals from fish to the birds in the sky. And a pet is always special to a child. Many of the poems here have been written by kids.

Poems For Kids / Animal Poems For Kids

My Puppy
by T Bagwell

At night my puppy sees a raccoon
Or maybe he barks at the moon;
In the daytime he will play with me,
And we are happy as can be.

My daddy says my puppy had two brothers
But he is cuter than the others
I'm glad I have him for a pet,
Because I love him, you can bet.

My Cat
by R. Samson

I love my cat
But she sure is fat
When I pet her fur
She just purrs and purrs.

The Zoo
by S. Miller

When we go to the zoo
There is so much to see and do
When the animals smile at me
It makes me happy as can be.

My favorite thing is going to the zoo
When Mum says let's go I yell yahoo
I know the animals want to see me come
So we can all have some fun.

The Fish And Me
by R. Goldberg

All the fishes in the sea
Will come up and look at me.
They will say, "How do you do?"
I will say, "I'm fine. How are you."

The Robbin
by G.M. Poyser

I know a little robbin,
And her name is Mary Jane;
She sits upon the window sill
And tries to peck the pane.

When her water bowl is frozen,
She sits upon my head
And asks me in her language
If she can have some bread.

The Rabbit
by P.A. Youngs

I saw a little rabbit
Sitting in the way;
I gave him a carrot
And said have a good day!

The Squirrels
by C Katt

In the summer, their cheeks are full with nuts
Looks like the squirrels are eating donuts
In the summer they find lots
They could fill many pots.

So when winter comes
They don't eat crumbs
They eat what they have stored
Then the summer comes they go and look for more.

Little Bird
by Carol Witt

Little bird, little bird flying so high,
What do you see as you fly by?
Birds and trees, houses, and bees,
And people walking along in the breeze.

Wild Geese
by Celia Thaxter

Haek, what a clamor goes winging through the sky!
Look, children! Listen to the sound so wild and high!
Like a peal of broken bells, — kling, klang, kling,—
Far and high the wild geese cry, "Spring! It is Spring!"

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