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Don't Kill The Birds

Birds can bring more joy to our lives than we realize. This poem is one that points out the benefits of having birds around. You may look at birds in a totally different way after reading the verses.

Don't Kill The Birds
Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

Don't kill the birds — the little birds
That sing about your door,
Soon as the joyous spring has come,
And chilling storms are o'er,
The little birds, how sweet they sing!
O, let them joyous live;
And never seek to take the life
Which you can never give.

Don't kill the birds — the little birds
That play among the trees;
'Twould make the earth a cheerless place,
Should we dispense with these.
The little birds, how fond they play!
Do not disturb their sport;
But let them warble forth their songs,
Till winter cuts them short.

Don't kill the birds — the happy birds
That bless the field and grove;
So innocent to look upon,
They claim oar warmest love.
The happy birds — the tuneful birds,
How pleasant 'tis to see;
No spot can be a cheerless place
Where'er their presence be.

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