Grasshopper Poem

Enjoy this grasshopper poem written by John Keats. Also find verses written by other Poets on grasshoppers.

Grasshoppers are always a joy for a child to see. Many children love to try and catch them. But the grasshoppers have an amazing jump which many times makes it difficult for a child to catch. Who is more determined the child or the grasshopper?

An interesting fact about grasshoppers is that they have ears on their abdomen. This allows them to hear the songs of other grasshoppers.

We hope you enjoy one of these grasshopper poems.

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  1. On the Grasshopper and the Cricket
    Poet: John Keats

    The poetry of earth is never dead:
    When all the birds are faint with the hot sun,
    And hide in cooling trees, a voice will run
    From hedge to hedge about the new-mown mead;
    That is the Grasshopper's - he takes the lead
    In summer luxury, - he has never done
    With his delights; for when tired out with fun
    He rests at ease beneath some pleasant weed.

    The poetry of earth is ceasing never:
    On a lone winter evening, when the frost
    Has wrought a silence, from the stove there shrills
    The Cricket's song, in warmth increasing ever,
    And seems to one in drowsiness half lost,
    The Grasshopper's among some grassy hills.

  2. The Ants and the Grasshopper
    by Anna M. Wiebalk

    A grasshopper sang merrily all summer.
    When winter came on, it almost perished with hunger.
    It went to some ants that lived near by and
    Asked them for some food they had put by.
    It promised to pay them back within a year.
    "What did you do all summer?" asked the ants.
    "I sang all the day and all the night," replied the grasshopper.
    "'Now you can dance," said the ants.
    And they would not give the idle grasshopper any food.

  3. Oh Grasshopper
    Poet: Mary Mapes Dodge

    Oh, I'd search the world over
    For one four-leaved clover!
    Bend low, pretty grass, bend low!
    Jump, little crickets ! and tumble, you bees!
    Green little grasshoppers, limber your knees;
    There's one hidden somewhere, I know.

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  5. Green little vaulter, in the sunny grass,
    Catching your heart up at the feel of June,
    Sole noise that's heard amidst the lazy noon,
    When ev'n the bees lag at the summoning brass.
    Leigh Hunt

  6. Crowds of bees are giddy with clover
    Crowds of grasshoppers skip at our feet,
    Crowds of larks at their matins hang over,
    Thanking the Lord for a life so sweet.
    Jean Ingelow

  7. The water in music the oar forsakes.
    The air in music the wing forsakes.
    All things in move in music and write it.
    The mouse, lizard, and grasshopper sing
    together on the Turlock sands,
    Sing with the morning stars.
    John Muir

  8. The tender grasshopper, his chosen crest,
    That all the summer, with a tuneful wing.
    Makes merry chirpings in its grassy nest,
    Inspirited with dew to leap and sing
    Francis James Child

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