Optimistic Poems

Be encouraged by these optimistic poems. May these encouraging verses make you feel hopeful and confident for the future and inspire you to look for the good in every situation.

Some people think being optimistic means everything is sunny and bright, it is not. It means you may face challenges and issues but you are able to look ahead with the hope that things will work out. It all boils down to your attitude and whether or not you focus on the negative or you look for the good. It truly is a way of thinking.

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  1. Better Things
    Poet: George McDonald

    Better to smell the violet cool than sip the glowing wine;
    Better to hark a hidden brook than watch a diamond shine.

    Better the love of a gentle heart than beauty's favor proud;
    Better the rose's living seed, than roses in a crowd.

    Better to love in loneliness than to bask in love all day;
    Better the fountain in the heart than the fountain by the way.

    Better be fed by a mother's hand than eat alone at will;
    Better to trust in God than say, "My goods my storehouse fill."

    Better to be a little wise than in knowledge to abound;
    Better to teach a child than toil to fill perfection's round.

    Better to sit at a master's feet than thrill a listening State;
    Better suspect that thou art proud than be sure that thou art great.

    Better to walk the real unseen than watch the hour's event;
    Better the "Well done" at the last than the air with shouting rent.

    Better to have a quiet grief than a hurrying delight;
    Better the twilight of the dawn than the noonday burning bright.

    Better a death when work is done than earth's most favored birth;
    Better a child in God's great house than the king of all the earth.

  2. Sunshine and Shade
    Poet: Stanley Dark

    There's a little splash of sunshine and a little spot of shade
    Always somewhere near;
    The wise bask in the sunshine, but the foolish choose the shade
    The wise are gay and happy, on the foolish sorrow's laid,
    And the fault's their own, I fear.

    For the little splash of sunshine and the little spot of shade
    Are here for joint consumption, for comparison are made.
    We're all meant to be happy - not too foolish or too staid;
    And the right dose to be taken is some sunshine mixed with shade!

  3. How You Take It
    Poet: Unknown

    This world is not so bad a world
    As some would like to make it;
    For whether good or whether bad,
    Depends on how you take it.

  4. The Ridiculous Optimist
    Poet: Samuel Ellsworth Kiser

    There was once a man who smiled
    Because the day was bright,
    Because he slept at night,
    Because God gave him sight
    To gaze upon his child;
    Because his little one.
    Could leap and laugh and run;
    Because the distant sun
    Smiled on the earth he smiled.

    He smiled because the sky
    Was high above his head.
    Because the rose was red.
    Because the past was dead!
    He never wondered why
    The Lord had blundered so
    That all things have to go
    The wrong way, here below
    The overarching sky.

    He toiled, and still was glad
    Because the air was free.
    Because he loved, and she
    That claimed his love and he
    Shared all the joys they had!
    Because the grasses grew.
    Because the sweet winds blew,
    Because that he could hew
    And hammer, he was glad.

    Because he lived he smiled,
    And did not look ahead
    With bitterness or dread.
    But nightly sought his bed
    As calmly as a child.
    And people called him mad
    For being always glad
    With such things as he had,
    And shook their heads and smiled.

  5. Sunshine After Rain
    Poet: Unknown

    Sorrows will not last forever,
    Brighter times will come again:
    Joy our every grief succeeding,
    As the sunshine after rain.

  6. The Optimist
    Poet: J. W. Hammond

    Who would have the sky any color but blue,
    Or the grass any color but green?
    Or the flowers that bloom the summer through
    Of other color or sheen?

    How the sunshine gladdens the human heart
    How the sound of the falling rain
    Will cause the tender tears to start,
    And free the soul from pain.

    Oh, this old world is a great old place!
    And I love each season’s change,
    The river, the brook of purling grace,
    The valley, the mountain range.

    And when I am called to quit this life,
    My feet will not spurn the sod,
    Though I leave this world with its beauty rife,
    There’s a glorious one with God!

  7. Pessimist or Optimist
    by William Arthur Ward

    The pessimist finds fault;
    The optimist discovers a remedy.

    The pessimist seeks sympathy;
    The optimist spreads cheer.....

    Pessimist or Optimist
    Read the complete poem, Pessimist or Optimist

  8. The Pessimist
    Poet Unknown

    The pessimist's a cheerless man;
    To him the world's a place
    Of anxious thoughts and clouds and gloom;
    Smiles visit not his face.....

    The Pessimist
    Read the entire poem and others at The Pessimist

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