The Pessimist

Let these poems remind you to never lose hope, to never adopt the pessimist point of view! We all have a choice in life, pick an optimistic point of view, and always have confidence that changes or circumstances will improve. We hope that by reading these poems you will see that a pessimist is a person without hope, a doubter, a cynic - not the type of person who has a happy life!! Not the type of person you want to be around. And, certainly, not the type of person you want to be.

If you see any reflections of yourself in these poems take action to change. Find your hope, focus on the positive, read books about optimism. Change your thinking from one of a pessimistic view to one of a hopeful view! I don't believe in pessimism. If something doesn't come up the way you want, forge ahead. If you think it's going to rain, it will.” ― Clint Eastwood

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    This poem, The Pessimist, describes what a pessimist is like.
    Surely not like someone you want to be, or, someone you want to hang out with.
    A sad reflection of a person with no hope.

  1. The Pessimist
    Poet Unknown

    The pessimist's a cheerless man;
    To him the world's a place
    Of anxious thoughts and clouds and gloom;
    Smiles visit not his face.

    Though brightest sunshine floods the earth,
    And flowers are all ablow,
    He spreads depression where he can
    By dismal tales of woe.

    The pessimist's a hopeless man,
    He's full of doubt and fear;
    No radian visions come to him
    Of glad days drawing near.

    The pessimist's a joyless man,
    He finds no sweet delight
    In making this a happier world,
    In fighting for the right

    He views the future with alarm
    He sees no light ahead;
    Most wretched of all men is he,
    Because his hope is dead.

  2. The poem, A Pessimist, in our opinion is truly a sad way to live!
    Nothing and nowhere are key words in this poem giving you a sense of hopelessness!

  3. A Pessimist
    Poet: Ben King

    Nothing to do but work,
    Nothing to eat but food.
    Nothing to wear but clothes
    To keep one from going nude.

    Nothing to breathe but air.
    Quick as a flash 'tis gone;
    Nowhere to fall but off.
    Nowhere to stand but on.

    Nothing to comb but hair.
    Nowhere to sleep but in bed.
    Nothing to weep but tears.
    Nothing to bury but dead.

    Nothing to sing but songs.
    Ah, well! Alas! Alack!
    Nowhere to go but out.
    Nowhere to come but back.

    Nothing to read but words.
    Nothing to cast but votes.
    Nothing to hear but sounds.
    Nothing to sail but boats.

    Nothing to see but sights.
    Nothing to quench but thirst.
    Nothing to have but what we've got.
    Thus through life we are cursed.

    Nothing to strike but a gait.
    Everything moves that goes.
    Nothing at all but commonsense
    Can ever withstand these woes.

  4. This is one recipe you do not want to follow!

  5. A Recipe For Pessimism
    by President Hyde of Bowdoin College

    Live in the passive voice;
    Be intent on what you can get rather
    Than on what you can do.

    Live in the subjunctive mood,
    Meditating on what might be rather
    Than what actually is.

    Live in the third person,
    Finding fault with other people
    Instead of setting your own affairs in order,
    And prescribing their duties
    Rather than attending to your own.

    Live in the plural number,
    Following the opinions and standards of
    Respectability of other people
    Rather than your own perception of what is fit and proper.

    Keep these rules faithfully,
    Always measuring the worth of life
    In terms of personal pleasure
    Rather than in terms of growth of character, of service, of high ends —
    And You will be a pessimist before you know it.

  6. I can't seem to be a pessimist long enough to overlook the possibility of things being overwhelmingly good.

  7. The Bright Side
    Poet: Jean Dwight Franklin

    There's a bad side, 'tis the sad side -
    Never mind it!
    There's a bright side, 'tis the right side -
    Try and find it!
    Pessimism's, but a screen
    Thrust the light and you between -
    But the sun shines bright, I ween,
    Just behind it!

  8. Silver Lining
    Poet: F.A. Whiting

    I scoffed at the "silver lining";
    I sneered at Hope. The care
    That fell about my every hour
    Cast shadow everywhere.

    My little daughter listened
    And, smiling, made reply,
    "I thought that shadows never fell
    Unless the sun were nigh! "

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