Who is it that encourages you when you face challenges or you are feeling down? This poem by Douglas Malloch reminds us to be thankful for the person who helps and supports us as we journey through life.

by Douglas Malloch

I hold him dearest who aspires
To kindle in my heart the fires
Of best desires.

I hold the man of all most dear
Who, when I stumble, draweth near
With word of cheer.

I hold that man of best intents
Who giveth me not paltry pence,
But confidence.

For there are men who quick caress
Will give to laurel-crowned success -
To nothing less.

But, oh, how dearer far are they
Who help me on the upward way
When skies are gray.

If so it be that I attain
The mountain peak, and leave the plain
And paths of pain,

My prayers shall first be upward sent
For those dear friends of mine who lent

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