Encouraging Poetry

Be encouraged by these poems by Douglas Malloch. Encouraging poetry that talks about who is it that encourages you when you face challenges or you are feeling down. Douglas Malloch reminds us to be thankful for the person who helps and supports us as we journey through life.
We all need people who care in our lives. Someone who is there to support us if things don't work out and someone there to celebrate with us when we hit that goal, or we climb that hill.

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  1. Encouragement
    Poet: Douglas Malloch

    I hold him dearest who aspires
    To kindle in my heart the fires
    Of best desires.

    I hold the man of all most dear
    Who, when I stumble, draweth near
    With word of cheer.

    I hold that man of best intents
    Who giveth me not paltry pence,
    But confidence.

    For there are men who quick caress
    Will give to laurel-crowned success -
    To nothing less.

    But, oh, how dearer far are they
    Who help me on the upward way
    When skies are gray.

    If so it be that I attain
    The mountain peak, and leave the plain
    And paths of pain,

    My prayers shall first be upward sent
    For those dear friends of mine who lent

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  3. Someone To Care
    Poet:  Douglas Malloch

    The greatest gift that is given to man
     Is someone to care;
    When you hope and dream, when you work and plan,
    Someone to care;
    Someone to care when the day is long,
    Someone to care when you're glad with song-
    When the world goes right, when the world goes wrong,
    Someone to care.

    You can seek the top of the highest hill
    With someone to care;
    You can see the good, you can bear the ill
    With someone to care.
    The dark may come or the gale may sting
    But, what the day or the night may bring,
    You still are blessed with a sweeter thing -
    Someone to care.

    For never a loss will seem a loss,
    With someone to care;
    And never a cross will seem a cross,
    With someone to care;
    Someone to care when your heart is glad -
    The ones who won were the ones who had
    Someone to care.

    We need not gold if we have but this
    Someone to care;
    We shall have our joy though the goal we miss,
    With someone to care.
    If there be but one with a faith that's true,
    If there be but one who believes in you,
    That love will lift and will bring you through-
    Someone to care.

    For what is the use of it all without
    Someone to care?
    When you're filled with hope or are dark with doubt
    Someone to care?
    What is the good, of it all unless
    There's someone to share your happiness,
    Someone to care when you win success,
    Someone to care!

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  5. The Gliders
    Poet: Douglas Malloch

    It is often declared by the poets long-haired
    Thet life is a stream we are ridin',
    Thet to some port below thet no man seems to know
    Us fellahs are gradjully glidin'.
    Some people I've spied who seem real glad to glide
    An' never will rustle a paddle,
    Who float down the stream in a kind of a dream
    An' are satisfied simply to daddle.
    This loafin' along to some folks may seem fine -
    But I'll take the good, old quickwater fer mine.

    They talk about strife an' the sweet, simple life
    An' the folly of hustle an' worry;
    They seem kind o' proud thet they've never allowed
    Themselves to git into a hurry.
    They find a green pool thet is shady an' cool,
    Er they monkey around in an eddy,
    An' their boat whirls about an' they never git out -
    But they talk about nerves thet is steady.
    But, as just fer me, in this life-livin' biz,
    I want to git somewhere, wherever it is.

    Oh, it's hot in the stream with the sunshine agleam
    An' no shade er no shadow thet's coolin',
    An' the quickwater foams, an' the white ripple combs,
    An' there ain't no occasion fer foolin'.
    It's your life in your hand, an' your nose in the sand
    Unless all your muscle you're givin';
    But when you git through an' you bail your canoe -
    Well, you know, anyhow, you've been livin'.
    So none of the life thet is simple fer me;
    I want to be busy, wherever I be.

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  7. Memories
    Poet: Douglas Malloch

    What is it most that the soul remembers
    In the long years that come afterwhiles?
    What are the thoughts of the long Decembers
    When white and empty lie snowy miles?
    What is the picture that grows and smiles
    Deep in the heart of the glowing embers?

    We dream no dream of the passing pleasures
    That held us thralls in an idle hour.
    We count no riches in heaping measures
    Nor pulse again with a futile power —
    Nay, a verdant tree or a crimson flower
    Is the jewel then that the memory treasures.

    Oh, these are the visions that come long after
    When face to face with our own sad soul;
    We see a tree in the smoky rafter,
    Behold a rose in the glowing coal;
    The months of Wintertime backward roll
    And the room is filled with the ghost of laughter.

    For here is the tree that we knew together
    When the ending year was a Springtime young;
    The northman*s pine and the Scotsman's heather.
    The Briton's oak where the children swung -
    Oh, these are the things by the night wind sung
    Above the roar of the wintry weather.

    For all the year is a time of clover
    While Memory sits by the ingleside,
    And Home goes forth with the world-wide rover
    To ev'ry country o'er ev'ry tide;
    And when the Autumn has drooped and died
    We live our Summers, our Summers, over.

    Life has its seasons and life its sorrows.
    When the soul sits dreaming a dream like this.
    When the hungry heart from the pale past borrows
    A silenced voice or an ended kiss -
    Yea, in our sorrow we find our bliss,
    And weave of Yesterdays our To-morrows.

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