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A regular contributor to our site, here find a short bio of Julie Hebert. We are thankful for her talent and creativity.

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There is no doubt that experience in life is a great teacher whether those lessons be gleaned from success or failure. But, as in all aspects of life, you can learn a lot by failure but only if you are willing to move beyond what went wrong and incorporate what went right.

I enjoy photographing and writing about life’s events, the pleasures, the struggles, the challenges and appreciation for those gifts we sometimes take for granted.

Some of my poems stem directly from my everyday life spent with my children and my husband. As I go through each day, I am always amazed by what others take for granted – those special moments of a joyful laugh, the hilarious adventures of a little child, or those glorious moments spent outside in the summer walking slowly through a tree filled park, or a stroll through the local zoo, or a brisk what through snow filled streets.

I hope you enjoy reading my poems – they represent much of what I see through eyes wide open in order to take advantage of each and every aspect of life.
Julie Hebert
Contributor to Short Poems & Quotes

If you believe in you, There's not much you cannot do. Just be happy with what you have, And always stay true to you.

Editors Note:
Julie writes poems on many different topics for the site, including poems for a special occasion, such as a birthday, Christmas, and more.  Plus we have used her quotes on many of our quote pages.

We hope you enjoy her work as much as we do! And if you do you may want to visit her website, Best Wishes which has best wishes plus a large collection of poems and quotes that will give you words to wish others well no matter what the occasion or day of the year.

Some quotes from Julie's work:

To walk and talk and window shop, with no one else but you makes me feel like I have found, my one true friend in you.
Julie Hebert, My One True Friend
Friendship Poems

Share your life with those who are full of energy and love. These are the type of people, who you never want to get rid of.
Julie Hebert, Life Is Too Short We Know
Life Is Too Short Poems

We teach our children that Christmas, is trees, pageants and presents. But let us not forget, that Christmas is first, a Jesus event!
Julie Hebert, What Christmas Is All About
Christmas Poems

Be thankful for life, and all that it holds. The goods and the bad, even those colds.
Julie Hebert, Be Thankful
Be Thankful Poems

Making the choice to hold on to things, that you can never change, is holding you back
Julie Hebert, There Will Come A Day
Life Choices Poems

So start to change your mind, that a failure can be kind, if we allow ourselves to learn from it.
Julie Hebert, Life's Failures
Poems About Failure

It's time to explore, the world that awaits. Allow yourself to, embrace your fate.
Julie Hebert, The World That Awaits
Poems About New Beginnings

So stay true to who you are, and follow all you're dreams.
Julie Hebert, Chosen Path
Follow Your Own Path Poems

The beauty that surrounds, by all the fresh snow. Trees lightly covered, they offer a glow.
Julie Hebert, Thankful For Unpleasant Things
Winter Poems

Having love in your life, just a brother even a wife, can make all the difference to fate.
Julie Hebert, Life Without Life
Poems About Life And Love

So learn the lesson now, that some never learn. Waiting patiently, will allow you your turn.
Julie Hebert, Chosen Path
Patience Poem

Being in love means never wanting more, it means being happy with the person you love.
Julie Hebert, Being In Love Means
Poems About Being In Love

The best thing about this holiday. . .I get to spend every minute with you, while we talk, dance and even sing.
Julie Hebert, Holiday Joy
Holiday Poems

Goals are so very important in life, in order to continue to grow.
Julie Hebert, One Question
Poems about Goals

You are the one who knows You, and the God given gifts that inspire you.
Julie Hebert, Bumpy Road Called Life
Poems About Life Struggles

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