A New Chapter In Life Poem

What a life milestone your graduation is. Read a poem about a new chapter in life - life after graduation. Like a book, each chapter has its ups and downs, but what is important is that you keep going you fulfill your purpose.

Now is a new beginning full of opportunities for the graduate to write the next chapter. They have achieved the last chapter and are successfully graduating. We hope you share these poems to encourage the new graduate to be all that they can be!

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  1. Great Endings And New Beginnings
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    On this day of all days,
    Is a day of great endings.
    The start of new beginnings,
    Many wishes to be sent.

    You will say goodbye to great friendships,
    And mentors alike.
    Start to make new friendships,
    And see life with new sight.

    Your journey awaits you,
    You will take with you lessons learned.
    And with each new day coming,
    New lessons will be earned.

    Although it's time to move on,
    Life before will always be.
    Your time spent learning
    Will be a gift that was meant to be.

    A new chapter is about to begin,
    Congratulations on Your Accomplishment!

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  3. We're Graduating
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    Today is the day that we close our books,
    And take a walk in an unknown place.
    Many years we've spent in this building,
    About to embark on a new rat race.

    But now that our journey here is finished,
    We will close our books to this page.
    Our time here has been quite fulfilling,
    Can't wait to start earning a wage!

    Graduation is more than just saying,
    Goodbye to a classroom of books.
    It's leaving behind great friendships,
    And mentors who always left you hooked.

    So we say goodbye to all the great teachers,
    And we'll miss you to all of our friends.
    Hello to the new chapter that awaits us,
    It's our turn to be making the trends.

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  5. Only The Beginning
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    You may feel graduation is the end
    But let me tell you this friend
    It is only the beginning
    Your graduation is fitting
    To start a new journey
    And it won't be all easy
    But the skills and lessons
    Will help you thru the seasons.

    Your life is ahead of you
    Always do the best you can do
    Don't let challenges stop you from
    Being what you want to become.
    Life will have its ups and downs
    Along with smiles and frowns.
    But as you journey on the road ahead
    Follow your heart, be not led.

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    Graduation marks the beginning of a new journey, full of possibilities and opportunities.
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  7. Keep Your Attitude Positive
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Life is an ever-unfolding voyage,
    A journey of highs and lows.
    No matter how rough the sea gets,
    Maintain a positive attitude and never forget.

    Each milestone you reach will open a door,
    Full of new possibilities and even more.
    Do not be deterred by what's to come next,
    Remember - a positive attitude will pass any test.

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  9. School Now Done
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A new beginning with school now done,
    Graduation day has come and gone.
    No more tests and books to browse,
    Now stands a path to pave on my own.

    My studies completed as this chapter closes,
    With optimism and eagerness, I no longer dread,
    With a sense that my life is full of potential
    Exciting new experiences await ahead.

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  11. Life Has A Way
    Poet: Kate Summers

    Life has a way of changing our days
    From graduation to death
    Oh it changes in many ways
    So live each day and be thankful.

    Life is full of challenges to
    But then there is excitement
    And always lots to do
    So look forward each day.

    Strive to do your best
    Never stop learning
    It will keep you ahead of the rest
    Always improving every day.

    With every ending comes a new beginning
    Keep your attitude positive
    And you will find yourself singing
    Through each chapter of your life

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Throughout our life, there are many chapters and graduation is certainly one of them. We say goodbye to our teachers and we start new. It is a time for congratulations and recognization, a time for a new chapter full of experiences and success. We hope you have found words to share with the new graduate here.

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