While Others

This is a short poem by William Arthur Ward that contains a ton of wisdom. A great poem to share with a graduate or any young person. Also, a poem that can motivate and encourage us when we feel like giving up.

If we followed the advice that Mr. Ward offers in his poem, there would be many more successful people. So often, doubt and lack of confidence stop us in our tracks. And many times, people are looking for success without wanting to put work into it. The word "action", in the dictionary, comes before the word "success". If you were to count the number of people who simply thought about something that they either wanted or needed to do but never followed through with even one single action, I'm sure their numbers would be in the billions. The first step to success is not difficult. That is to say that one must first have a specific dream or vision in mind. But, the next steps are far more challenging for most people. So, what are these next steps?

The next step is to spend dedicated time crafting a plan. In simple language, this plan that outlines each action step to take, when to take it, how to take it, and a specific timeline for each step. When all of these steps are accomplished, you have reached your goal. So, what's so hard about these steps? Simply put, while most people have the capacity to initiate the very first step, they fail to take any concrete action usually for a host of convenient excuses. For example, I'll start when the time is right. Have you ever noticed that the start of action embedded at the right time never seems to occur? So often, we can always find a reason why the right time always seems to evade us. The real problem here is that anything that is worth doing always has a cost associated with it. In this simple example, the cost is dedicating time to start. To be sure, we can all fill our day up with a variety of tasks or other pursuits that denies us the available time. However, nothing is ever accomplished without time, without dedication, without perseverance, or without hard work.

Then there are those people who will always start tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes! A lot of people talk a good story and have many wishes but that is the end of it; they never take the action needed. And, in our opinion, the number one reason that people do not succeed is that even when they do commence taking action, they do not persist; they give up too easily! Let these short verses remind you of what you need to do in order to accomplish anything in life that is worth doing.

Success rule number one: Action initiated again and again and again always comes before the final goal is reached.
Success rule number two: Repeat success rule number one.

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While Others

While Others
Poet: William Arthur Ward

Believe while others are doubting.
Plan while others are playing.

Study while others are sleeping.
Decide while others are delaying.

Prepare while others are daydreaming.
Begin while others are procrastinating.

Work while others are wishing.
Save while others are wasting.

Listen while others are talking.
Smile while others are frowning.

Commend while others are criticizing,
Persist while others are quitting.

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