God Is In Control

Let these poems help you to never doubt that God is in control. There are times, especially looking at world events, we think God has forgotten about us, however, God is in control and He has a plan. Let these poems encourage and remind you that God is with each one of us and He is in control!

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  1. God's Presence
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In moments bleak, when shadows cloud our eyes,
    We ponder if God's presence truly lies.
    Yet even then, in depths of doubt and fear,
    He whispers softly, Child, I'm always near.

    For though we falter, struggle to understand,
    His sovereign hand orchestrates a perfect plan.
    So cast aside all doubt, embrace His grace,
    God never forgets; He'll guide us through each phase.

  2. God Has A Plan
    God Has A Plan

  3. How Does One Know?
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2010

    How does one know what lies in store?
    Can we prepare for tomorrow?
    When our life's plans are altered and chaos descends,
    Are we deluged by pity and sorrow?

    Do we take things in stride as each day appears?
    Do we patiently strive to keep hoping?
    Do we trust in the fact that God's in control,
    And He's capable of more than just coping?

    He understands the valley I'm in,
    He knows the trials I am bearing.
    He sees the tears that freely flow,
    It seems it's all so despairing.

    Why does God allow such things,
    Why doesn't He assist me?
    Why turn His back when I have such needs,
    And He constantly resists me?

    Whatever lessons I must learn,
    Whatever task is assigned me,
    Keep my eyes stayed on Your love,
    Hold me tight; remind me:

    That in the dark, bleak days I'll know,
    You are there, beside me,
    No power on earth can change that fact,
    My God! I know You'll guide me.

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  5. Sounds of Silence
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2018

    The whispers of the wind speak a language,
    The soft touch of love on my face,
    The fragrance of lilacs it brings me
    Has caused me to reverence this place.

    It’s called my oasis of silence,
    The birds sing their sweet songs of praise,
    They toil, yet their voices are ringing
    With melodies humans can’t raise.

    To me they speak wonders of silence,
    They drown out a world full of cares,
    Refreshing my soul with their beauty,
    Like God sending answers to prayers.

    The trees cast a shade from the sunshine
    Yet rays from its warmth still appear,
    The bees search for nectar in flowers
    As blossom by blossom they clear.

    These heavenly sounds that surround me,
    The silence they bring to my soul,
    Is where I can leave all my burdens
    They tell me, God’s still in control.

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    Poems About Prayer

  7. Whatso It Be!
    Poet: Christina G. Rossetti

    Whatso it be, howso it be, Amen!
    Blessed it is believing not to see:
    Now God knows all that is; and we shall then -
    Whatso it be!

    God's will is best for man, whose will is free;
    God's will is better to us, yea, than ten
    Desires, whereof He holds and weighs the key -

    He knows all wants, allots each where and when -
    Whatso it be!

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  9. Swimming Upstream, Alone
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2011

    I said, "I'll walk this road alone, my plans are all arrayed;
    I don't need interference, I will not be dismayed.
    I have the gift of knowledge, I have a brilliant mind;
    My talents are fulfilling through which much joy I find."
    My well-established pattern creates my life of ease,
    A lifestyle lived in comfort, to do the things I please.

    Then there's this sudden challenge - my health seems to give way,
    My concentration's weakened, I wonder, "Will this stay?"
    Oh, surely, I'll get better, I'm never sick for long,
    It's my great constitution; I've always been real strong.
    Yet, this is quite consuming, there seems no end in sight;
    I've followed doctor's orders, but things just are not right.

    I'm alone, I think a lot - it's all that I can do,
    There must be a solution for what I'm going through.
    Then one day in the stillness, a small voice comes to me,
    "I must get your attention, it's time that you should see.
    The life that you've created will some day end in grief,
    The pattern you have followed can never bring relief.

    Your problems will be constant, no comfort can be found;
    Your life has been established on very shaky ground.
    I'm offering a solution - let God direct your way,
    He's patiently been waiting; He longs to hear you say:
    'Oh God, You are my Shepherd, I leave You in control;
    I've messed things up quite badly, I've never reached my goal.

    But God, with Your permission, I'd like to join Your team,
    And have You as my Pilot to ferry me upstream.
    I realize my error, I've tried to swim alone,
    But God, please be my Lifeguard and bring me safely home.

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  11. God's Way Is Best
    Poet: C. W. Naylor

    God's way is best; if human wisdom
    A fairer way may seem to show,
    'Tis only that our earth-dimmed vision
    The truth can never clearly know.

    Had I the choosing of my pathway,
    In blindness I should go astray,
    And wander far away in darkness,
    Nor reach that land of endless day.

    He leadeth true; I will not question
    Though through the valley I shall go,
    Though I should pass through clouds of trial,
    And drink the cup of human woe.

    God's way is best; heart, cease thy struggling
    To see and know and understand;
    Forsake thy fears and doubts, but trusting,
    Submit thyself into his hand.

    God's way is best; I will not murmur,
    Although the end I may not see;
    Where'er he leads I'll meekly follow:
    God's way is best, is best for me.

    Thy way is best, so lead me onward;
    My all I give to thy control;
    Thy loving hand will truly guide me.
    And safe to glory bring my soul.

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