12 Valentine Poems For Her

Show that special woman in your life how much you care with a heartfelt Valentine poem for her. Valentine's Day is a special day to express your love and appreciation to the important people in your life. Whether you are married, engaged, or still dating, this is a meaningful way to make her feel extra special and show her just how much you love her. From romantic and sweet verses to funny limericks - there is something for every type of relationship!

Valentines Day Poems  /   Valentine Poems For Her

  1. My Love, My Friend
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer

    Fondly I view with love and care,
    For it is you that I hold so dear,
    My feelings grow stronger each moment spent,
    Your beauty so deep yet crystal clear.

    Your laughter is like harmony to me,
    Through sadness and joy, we are here,
    Our bond is something without measure,
    You mean everything to me - in my heart so sincere.

    I cherish the love we share together,
    It enriches the moments we spend,
    Happy Valentine's day, my dear,
    Cherish you always, my love, my friend.

  2. love poems for her
    Love Poems for Her

  3. My Love Will Last Forever
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer

    My love for you will last forever,
    Your hold on my heart is too strong to sever.
    So through the years let us keep true
    To the bond between me and you.

    Never wavering and never tiring,  
    Our love shall be undying
    Filled with happiness and joy divine,
    Through it all your love shines.  

    This I pledge until we part,  
    For everlasting is my love for thee in my heart.
    Many more Valentines we will share
    Because I love you and do care.

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    Soulmate Poems

  5. Our Love Is A Journey
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Ever since the day we met,
    I knew that you were meant for me,
    Our love is a journey we share together,
    Every day is a chance to be better.

    You make me so content and happy,
    When you're around my heart is sappy.
    Falling more in love with you every day,
    Happy Valentines Day to you I say!

  6. Every Day
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer

    Valentine's Day comes once a year,
    But I have the chance to tell you
    That every day I love you dear,  
    Through all our paths that we may go through.    

    In times of challenge, we will stand firm and true
    As long as we're together, our dreams can come true.
    You are my love, my partner so true,  
    Always in my heart no matter what I face or do.

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    I Love You Poems

  8. Sweet Valentine
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer

    Valentine, sweet Valentine
    My heart flutters when I see you
    Cupid has struck me with an arrow
    Finding me with a love that's true.

    You make me smile with your laugh
    And when you whisper in my ear
    My love for you can't help but appear
    You are my one and only valentine this year!

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    Funny Love Poems

  10. It Was Destiny
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer

    When we met, it was destiny,
    I thought I'd never be complete,
    Until your love embraced me so sweetly,
    Nothing else could compete.

    Our love for each other continues to grow,
    Stronger each and every day.
    My heart is truly yours to know,
    For I love you more than words can say.

    So on this day of love, Valentine's Day,
    We pause a while to mark the way,
    Of tenderness that shows no gray;
    Expressing my love for you this Valentine's Day.

  11. A Love Story
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer

    A love story come true, what a delight
    Like a fairytale ending made just right
    To have no other valentine but you,
    Is a feeling I can't put into words, so true.

    Filled with loving compassion, and caring too
    Let me say I treasure and cherish you.
    For your love is like no other I know,
    May my love for you show!

  12. You are my Valentine! I cherish you more than words can say.
    Short Love Quotes

  13. Forever My Valentine
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer

    My love for you ever increases
    Every day, I'm reminded of your sweetness.
    Our laughter and joy are stronger each year
    An unbreakable bond that I hold so dear.

    A special love over all these years
    My wish is to always have you near.
    Forever my valentine on this special day
    I treasure every moment together, come what they may.

  14. A Valentine
    Poet: Eugene Field

    Oh, Princess, what shall I bring
    To offer before thy throne?
    For I know of no joyous thing
    That is not already thine own.

    Youth and beauty and love,
    Desirest thou more than these?
    Lo, from the skies above
    And from far-away mystical seas,

    All things radiant and rare.
    All things tender and sweet,
    Hasten, O Princess fair.
    To fall in delight at thy feet.

    So, Princess, what shall I bring.
    When low I bend at thy throne?
    "My heart for an offering,"
    Even that has been long thine own.

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    Short Love Poems

  16. Sweet Just Like You
    Poet: Frederick Sam Lutes

    A Valentine sweet just like you,
    Brought me joy and love anew.
    My days are full of sunshine within,
    Your love gives me a great big grin.

    My heart is so full it's overflowing,
    That with you I'm still glowing.
    Not sure what else I'd, do or say
    Except for a Happy Valentine's Day.

  17. Your Heart
    Poet: Frances Sargent Osgood

    Your heart is a music-box, dearest!
    With exquisite tunes at command,
    Of melody sweetest and clearest,
    If tried by a delicate hand;
    But its workmanship, love, is so fine,
    At a single rude touch it would break;
    Then, oh! be the magic key mine.

    Its fairy-like whispers to wake.
    And there's one little tune it can play,
    That I fancy all others above,
    You learned it of Cupid one day -
    It begins with and ends with "I love!" "I love!"
    My heart echoes to it "I love!"

  18. A Queen of Hearts
    Poet: Felix Carmen

    How many hearts with rapture beat
    And long to have and hold you, Sweet!
    It is disquieting to know
    That, of the many beating so,
    When love and fate their web have spun,
    There shall be joy for only one!

    It must be difficult to tell
    Just wisely how to choose and well,
    There are so many in the game,
    Their tender stories all the same:
    Bewildering the task must be,
    So many locks, and but one key!

    O, maiden of my dream and song,
    Round whom these hopeful lovers throng,
    When you select one, have a care,
    For my heart is among them there:
    Choose then to-day, dear Valentine,
    And may the happy heart be mine!

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Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to show your love and appreciation for the special woman in your life. Whether you decide to write a heartfelt poem yourself or use one of our poems, you are making sure she knows how much you care and it will make her feel extra special. You don’t need to wait until February 14th either – why not surprise her with a love poem anytime?

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