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Love poems that you can share with your love. Send a poem to that special person to let your love know how special they are to you. How romantic to send a poem that will make the person receiving it feel special and loved.

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  1. Without You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    My life without you would be so empty and blue,
    I'd yearn for some excitement to inspire me anew.
    Without your laughter and loving touch,
    How my heart would miss you very much!

    The days would stretch long and lonely,
    The sweet companionship of you only.
    You are the one that fills any space of emptiness I have,
    For all the love we share together is something that won't pass.
    Your caring ways I appreciate so much,
    It's your special presence I crave in my clutch!
    To you my love, I just want to say,
    Love you forever, not just today.

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  3. A Match
    Poet: Algernon Charles Swinburne

    If love were what the rose is,
    And I were like the leaf,
    Our lives would grow together
    In sad or singing weather,
    Blown fields or flowerful closes,
    Green pleasure or gray grief;
    If love were what the rose is,
    And I were like the leaf.

    If I were what the words are,
    And love were like the tune,
    With double sound and single
    Delight our lips would mingle,
    With kisses glad as birds are
    That get sweet rain at noon;
    If I were what the words are
    And love were like the tune.

    If you were life, my darling,
    And I your love were death,
    We'd shine and snow together
    Ere March made sweet the weather
    With daffodil and starling
    And hours of fruitful breath;
    If you were life, my darling,
    And I your love were death.

    If you were thrall to sorrow,
    And I were page to joy,
    We'd play for lives and seasons
    With loving looks and treasons
    And tears of night and morrow
    And laughs of maid and boy;
    If you were thrall to sorrow,
    And I were page to joy.

    If you were April's lady,
    And I were lord in May,
    We'd throw with leaves for hours
    And draw for days with flowers,
    Till day like night were shady
    And night were bright like day;
    If you were April's lady,
    And I were lord in May.

    If you were queen of pleasure,
    And I were king of pain,
    We'd hunt down love together,
    Pluck out his flying feather,
    And teach his feet a measure,
    And find his mouth a rein;
    If you were queen of pleasure,
    And I were king of pain.

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  5. Though Jilted, Still I Love
    Poet: David V. Bush

    Where are you, dear? Though long ago
    You spurned my love so true,
    Think not my heart as false as his,
    Who has forsaken you.

    How gladly would I give my life
    To bring you joy once more;
    For still my heart cries out for you,
    As in the days of yore.

    Come back to me, wherever you are,
    Nor deem all men untrue;
    For mine is love as free from taint
    As when I sued for you.

    Such love as mine can never die,
    Though weary years have passed;
    The love I bore you long ago
    Is loyal to the last.

    Come back, come back, my only love!
    My heart cries out in pain.
    Let no vain pride or foolish fear
    Your yielding heart restrain.

    I love you, O, I love you still,
    Though you are far away;
    With burning heart and eager lips,
    For your return I pray.

    I know you loved me, though you wed
    For gold, and scorned my plea;
    No longer strive to wrong your heart,
    But bring it back to me.

    Wherever you are, O linger not.
    Nor yield to doubt or fear.
    The wrong lies buried in the past;
    And only love is here.

    O tell me where you wait, my dear,
    And turn to me today.
    Come back to him who loves you most,
    I plead, I beg, I pray.

    The future years shall make us both
    Forget the ancient wrong;
    And every happy day shall find
    Our union firm and strong.

    Wherever you are, I know full well
    Our hearts in union beat;
    And parting only makes the hope
    Of meeting seem more sweet.

    O let me fold you to my breast;
    My soul is yours for aye;
    And I'll forget, forgive and love,
    Forever and a day.

    Come back to me, come back to me,
    Nor linger in the past;
    Wherever you are, my heart is yours,
    And shall be to the last.

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  7. My Love, My Life
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh my love, how I adore thee  
    Your beauty is so pure and divine  
    My heartbeat skips when you're near me  
    These feelings no words can define.

    When I'm with you everything's perfect  
    Together we bask in each other's presence  
    My dreams have come true since I've met you  
    My love, my life, my essence.

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  9. Together Young
    Poet: George W. Curtis

    Sing again the song you sung
    When we were together young —
    When there were but you and I
    Underneath the summer sky.

    Sing the song, and o'er and o'er,
    Though I know that nevermore
    Will it seem the song you sung
    When we were together young.

  10. If thou must love me, let it be for naught except for love's sake only. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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  11. The Longest Day
    Poet: Ellen T. Fowler

    The summer's story
    Has reached its glory,
    Fulfilling all the sweet dreams of May;
    The daylight lingers,
    With rosy fingers
    Defying night on the longest day,

    Yet I remember
    No dark December
    When sunbeams seemed to elude delay
    Like those which measure
    The hours of pleasure
    I spend with you on the longest day.

    With you beside me
    To cheer and guide me,
    I feel - whatever the sages say -
    That evening shadows
    Across the meadows
    Come all too soon on the longest day.

    If we together
    Face sunny weather,
    And love each other when skies are gray,
    Life's span shall be, dear,
    To you and me, dear,
    As short and sweet as the longest day.

    And, dearest, after
    The tears and laughter
    Are all forgotten and passed away,
    We two forever,
    Where night falls never,
    Will spend together the longest day.

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