4 Best Love Poems

There are many great love poems, the ones here are what we consider some of the best love poems. We hope you enjoy them and share them with the one you love.

These poems are great to use for Valentines and other special occasions.
  1. Love
    Poet: Roy Croft

    I love you,
    Not only for what you are,
    But for what I am
    When I am with you.

    I love you,
    Not only for what
    You have made of yourself,
    But for what you are making of me.

    I love you
    For the part of me that you bring out;
    I love you
    For putting your hand into my heaped-up heart
    And passing over all the foolish, weak things
    That you can't help dimly seeing there,
    And for drawing out into the light
    All the beautiful belongings that no one else had looked
    Quite far enough to find.

    I love you because you
    Are helping me to make
    Of the lumber of my life
    Not a tavern but a temple;
    Out of the works of my every day
    Not a reproach but a song.

    I love you
    Because you have done
    More than any creed could have done
    To make me good, and more than any fate
    To make me happy.

    You have done it
    Without a touch, without a word,
    Without a sign. You have done it by being yourself.

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  3. If You But Knew
    Poet Unknown

    If you but knew
    How all my days seemed filled with dreams of you,
    How sometimes in the silent night
    Your eyes thrill through me with their tender light,
    How oft I hear your voice when others speak,
    How you 'mid other forms I seek-
    Oh, love more real than though such dreams were true
    If you but knew.

    Could you but guess
    How you alone make all my happiness,
    How I am more than willing for your sake
    To stand alone, give all and nothing take,
    Nor chafe to think you bound while I am free,
    Quite free, till death, to love you silently,
    Could you but guess.

    Could you but learn
    How when you doubt my truth I sadly yearn
    To tell you all, to stand for one brief space
    Unfettered, soul to soul, as face to face,
    To crown you king, my king, till life shall end,
    My lover and likewise my truest friend,
    Would you love me, dearest, as fondly in return?
    Could you but learn?

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  5. Love Much
    By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    Love much. Earth has enough of bitter in it;
    Cast sweets into its cup whene'er you can.
    No heart so hard, but love at last may win it;
    Love is the grand primeval cause of man;
    All hate is foreign to the first great plan.

    Love much. Your heart will be led out to slaughter,
    On altars built of envy and deceit.
    Love on, love on ! 'tis bread upon the water;
    It shall be cast in loaves yet at your feet,
    Unleavened manna, most divinely sweet.

    Love much. Your faith will be dethroned and shaken,
    Your trust betrayed by many a fair, false lure.
    Remount your faith, and let new trusts awaken.
    Though clouds obscure them, yet the stars are pure;
    Love is a vital force and must endure.

    Love much. Men's souls contract with cold suspicion,
    Shine on them with warm love, and they expand.
    Tis love, not creeds, that from a low condition
    Lead mankind up to heights supreme and grand.
    Oh, that the world could see and understand!

    Love much. There is no waste in freely giving;
    More blessed is it, even, than to receive.
    He who loves much, alone finds life worth living;
    Love on, through doubt and darkness ; and believe
    There is no thing which Love may not achieve.

  6. We may not have it all together - But together we have it all.

  7. My Heart Is A Lute
    Poet: Lady Anne Bernard

    Alas, that my heart is a lute,
    Whereon you have learned to play!
    For a many years it was mute,
    Until one summer's day
    You took it, and touched it, and made it thrill,
    And it thrills and throbs, and quivers still!

    I had known you, dear, so long!
    Yet my heart did not tell me why
    It should burst one morn into song,
    And wake to new life with a cry,
    Like a babe that sees the light of the sun,
    And for whom this great world has just begun.

    Your lute is enshrined, cased in,
    Kept close with love's magic key,
    So no hand but yours can win
    And wake it to minstrelsy;
    Yet leave it not silent too long, nor alone,
    Lest the strings should break, and the music be done.
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