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Where do we find love? Let these finding love poems give you words to reflect upon. We sometimes search for love thinking that it will make our life complete. And, for some people they do find that right person however, for others their fate may be to stay single. We can give love and receive love without having a partner. There is so much and so many in this world that need our love. So whether you find it in a person or in a cause do not give up on finding love.

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    who knows what fate has in store

  1. Where Is Mr. Right?
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    The night is dark,
    And the stars are bright.
    I sit here wondering,
    Where is Mr. Right?

    I'm surrounded by friends,
    And some I do not know.
    Quietly I look around,
    Then I see your glow.

    You turn to me and look up,
    Our eyes meet across the deck.
    Those brown and gentle eyes,
    Make me start to sweat.

    I want to talk to you,
    But don't know what to say.
    Who knows what fate has in store,
    We may meet again someday.

  2. it's better to spend years finding the right person than to spend your whole life with the wrong person

  3. True & Patient
    Poet: William Dunbak

    If ye would love and loved be,
    In mind keep well these things three.
    And sadly in thy breast imprint, -
    Be secret, true and patient!

    For he that patience can not leir,
    He shall displeasance have perquier,
    Though he had all this world's rent:
    Be secret, true and patient!

    For who that secret cannot be,
    Him all good fellowship shall flee,
    And credence none shall him be lent:
    Be secret, true and patient!

    And he that is of heart untrue,
    From he be ken'd farewell! adieu!
    Fie on him! fie! his fame is went:
    Be secret, true and patient!

    Thus he that wants ane of these three
    Ane lover glad may never be,
    But aye in some thing discontent:
    Be secret, true and patient!

    'Nought with thy tongue thyself discure
    The thingis that thou hast of nature;
    For if thou dost, thou shalt recen:
    Be secret, true and patient!

  4. Love's Hope
    Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

    Yes, somewhere in this cold and selfish world,
    A heart o'erflows with love and sympathy -
    Soft lips my lingering kisses now await,
    And clinging arms would open e'en to me;
    Though Stygian darkness rises as a wall,
    And Fate has robbed of every helpful thing,
    I'll launch my cry - "Sweetheart!" - God speed the call:
    And may today my living Answer bring.

    I scan each passing face with anxious eye,
    Reach out my hands at every spark of hope,
    And yearn for her who will not pass me by -
    He makes mistakes who must in darkness grope!
    I haven't much to offer to you dear, "
    Just love and home - appreciation due -
    Who'll say, "He gives enough who gives his all" -
    I need her now - sweet lady, is it YOU?

  5. My Mate
    Poet: Guy Innes

    In dreams we meet, though dreams be few
    Wherein your voice is clear;
    Awake, I go companionless
    Down crowded roads in loneliness
    And yet, have I not longed for you.
    My dear?

    My best can never quite repay
    The craftsman's full demands;
    I miss my utmost by as much
    As means to me the inspiring touch
    Of hands
    Whose dreamland spell the workaday

    What summit might I not attain
    Upon Illusion's hill,
    By your unaltered faith upheld.
    By your unchanged belief impelled,
    Came conquest - might that dream we twain

    Alone, my makeshift best I try -
    What matter, since I know
    It serves its turn, and it is well
    If in the market-place 'twill sell.
    Such guerdon mocks the dream that I

    In dreams we meet, though dreams be few
    Wherein your voice is clear,
    And still I go companionless
    Down crowded roads in loneliness
    But oh, do I not long for you,
    My dear!

  6. Now We Are Young
    Poet: Unknown

    Now we are young and gay;
    All distant seems December,
    In this our life's young May.
    Now in our upward journey
    May true love make us brave,
    We'll fret not for the morrow,
    We'll reck not of the grave;
    "Thank God for all the sweet days,"
    We'll whisper while we may,
    And wish for nothing better -
    While we are young and gay.

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