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4 Poems About Fate

Be inspired by these poems about fate. Verses about fate and our lives. May you find answers about fate in these words. Is something meant to be or is it a coincidence? Do we control our own destiny or is it fate or is it a higher power?

  1. Assist From Fate
    Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2014

    Sometimes things don't go our way,
    And there is nothing we can do.
    We wish and plead to those above,
    And often feel quite blue.

    We wonder if things could have changed,
    If there was something we had done.
    Knowing deep down in our hearts,
    That there was simply none.

    Time will pass and feelings will fade,
    We will soon be at our best.
    Our faith was tried and limits pushed,
    It was one big faithful test.

    Now that we've had a chance to think,
    And find what good was missed.
    We realize fate was on our side,
    And lucky to have that assist.

  2. My Life
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    I have a life I can't escape,
    A life that's mine to mold and shape,
    Some things I lack of strength and skill,
    I blunder much and fumble; still
    I can in my own way design
    What is to be this life of mine.

    It is not mine to say how much
    Of gold and silver I shall clutch
    What heights of glory I shall climb
    What splendid deeds achieve in time;
    Lacking the genius of the great
    The lesser tasks may be my fate.

    But I can say what I shall be,
    What in my life the world shall see;
    Can mold my thoughts and actions here
    To what is find or what is dear.
    Though small my skill, I can elect
    To keep or lose my self-respect.

    No man can kindlier be than I,
    No man can more detest a lie,
    I can be just as clean and true
    As any gifted genius, who
    Rises to earthly heights of fame
    And wins at last the world's acclaim.

    I can be friendly, blithe of heart,
    Can build or tear my life apart,
    Can happy-natured smile along
    And shrug my shoulders at a wrong.
    I only choose what is to be
    This life which symbolizes me.

  3. Fate
    Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    One ship drives east and another drives west,
    With the self-same winds that blow.
    'Tis the set of the sails,
    And not the gales
    Which tell us the way to go.

    Like the winds of the sea are the ways of fate.
    As we voyage along through life:
    'Tis the set of a soul
    That decides its goal,
    And not the calm or the strife.

  4. Fate
    Poet: Theodore Lynch Fitz Simons

    Strange it is, yet 'tis true,
    Man's fate is not ruled by a star.
    For whatever we think, we are;
    And whatever we are, we do.

    Time tames us not; we grow old
    By thoughts of age, not by years.
    As a river-worn rock-bed, our fears
    Wear our forms into sorrowful mold.

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