Christmas Card Poem

Share a Christmas card poem with ones you are sending greeting cards to. Let them know how special they are to you. Also, you can use our Christmas card messages to express your thoughts and wishes for a great Christmas season.

poems for christmas cards

You Are On My List

Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

Every year I make a list,
Of people, I plan to send,
A Christmas card of greetings,
A list of family and friends.

I will share all our good,
Of the past year.
And send many greetings,
Of happy holidays with great cheer.

Those I choose to send to,
Are those who always care.
They're good and loving people,
With whom I love to share.

And you are on my list,
Because you are one of those people that are the best.
This card is sent with love and wishes for a Merry Christmas,
And a New Year that is very blessed.

Everything Christmasy
Poet: Unknown

Everything Christmasy,
Everything bright,
Every merry
From morning till night -
That's what you're wished
At this time of good cheer,
Along with life's best
Through a wonderful year!

Christmas Tide
Poet: Grinnell Willis

In olden time sweet songs were sung,
Of "Peace on Earth," to all good will.
And chimes at Christmas-time were rung.
To mind men that Love blessed them still.

And so to-day, Love sways our hearts
To generous impulse, far and wide.
And every gift we send imparts
The Love of God at Christmas-tide.

Blessings To You
Poet: Kate Summers

Many blessings are sent to you
For a Christmas and Happy New Year too.
May blessings come to you the day
And God be with you in every way.

Just like the love that came that night
God gave us a glorious light
May peace fill your heart
And the year have a wonderful start.

Poet: Victoria L. Adenson

May you have lots of Christmas joy
Girls and boys with lots of toys
Family celebrations too
Love surrounding you through and through

Be thankful for the birth
Of Jesus a gift to all on earth
Count your blessings everyone
But mostly for the birth of the Son.

More Christmas Poems

Christmas Card Message

christmas card message

May you experience the wonders and miracles of Christmas.

Christmas Verses

A good merry Christmas, and happy New Year,
To all my good neighbours where e’er they may steer;
How e’er far abroad they may chance'for to roam,
They’ll meet with a welcome when they return home.

William Craig
Christmas Wishes

Gifts of hope, faith, and love are sent to you this Christmas.

Poems About Hope

You are in my thoughts throughout the year, but at this special time of year wanted you to know I am thinking of you. Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!

Christmas Wishes

A time of year when everyone is filled with joy and good cheer,
Wishing you the merriest of Christmas and a Happy New Year.

New Year Quotes

This world needs Christmas for the peace and love it brings.
May yours be filled with good things.

Christmas Messages

The words of Christmas: Joy, Peace, Hope
May you have them all this Christmas.

Hope Quotes

Wishes for a holiday season filled with happiness and the peace that only Jesus can bring.

Happiness Quotes

For unto you is born in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Merry Christmas

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