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Share a Christmas card poem in the greeting cards you are sending this Christmas to family and friends. Let them know how special they are to you. Use our Christmas card poems to express your thoughts and wishes for a great Christmas season.

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this card is sent with love and wishes for a Merry Christmas and a New Year that is very blessed
  1. You Are On My List
     Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

    Every year I make a list,
    Of people, I plan to send,
    A Christmas card of greetings,
    A list of family and friends.

    I will share all our good,
    Of the past year.
    And send many greetings,
    Of happy holidays with great cheer.

    Those I choose to send to,
    Are those who always care.
    They're good and loving people,
    With whom I love to share.

    And you are on my list,
    Because you are one of those people that are the best.
    This card is sent with love and wishes for a Merry Christmas,
    And a New Year that is very blessed.

  2. Christmas, A day when cheer and gladness blend, When heart meets heart, And Friend meets friend.

  3. Everything Christmasy
    Poet: Unknown

    Everything Christmasy,
    Everything bright,
    Every merry
    From morning till night -
    That's what you're wished
    At this time of good cheer,
    Along with life's best
    Through a wonderful year!

  4. Christmas Tide
    Poet: Grinnell Willis

    In olden time sweet songs were sung,
    Of "Peace on Earth," to all good will.
    And chimes at Christmas-time were rung.
    To mind men that Love blessed them still.

    And so to-day, Love sways our hearts
    To generous impulse, far and wide.
    And every gift we send imparts
    The Love of God at Christmas-tide.

  5. Christmas is an expression of the faith that light will come out of darkness.

  6. Blessings To You
    Poet: Kate Summers

    Many blessings are sent to you
    For a Christmas and Happy New Year too.
    May blessings come to you the day
    And God be with you in every way.

    Just like the love that came that night
    God gave us a glorious light
    May peace fill your heart
    And the year have a wonderful start.

  7. Spirit Of Christmas
    Poet: Henry VanDyke

    I am thinking of you today because it is Christmas,
    And I wish you happiness.
    And tomorrow, because it will be the day after Christmas,
    I shall wish you happiness
    And soon clear through the year.

    I may not be able to tell you about it every day,
    Because I may be far away;
    Or because both of us may be very busy.
    But it makes no difference.

    The thought and the wish
    Will be here just the same.
    Whatever joy or success comes to you
    Will make me glad.

    Without pretense, and in plain words,
    Goodwill to you is what I mean,
    in the Spirit of Christmas.

  8. Christmas
    Poet: Victoria L. Adenson

    May you have lots of Christmas joy
    Girls and boys with lots of toys
    Family celebrations too
    Love surrounding you through and through

    Be thankful for the birth
    Of Jesus a gift to all on earth
    Count your blessings everyone
    But mostly for the birth of the Son.

  9. Of Christmas
    Poet: C. Jelf -Sharp

    Of Christmas past, let us remember now
    Only the smiles, forgetting all the tears.
    Only the hopes, forgetting all the fears!
    Life's way is all too long, that we should bow
    Beneath the ancient burdens of dead years.
    Of Christmas in the future, let us speak
    Only with courage, looking for the best!

    Only with hope, leaving to faith the rest!
    Life's day is all too short, that we should seek
    To dim its brightness at our own behest.
    And in the present Christmas, let us give
    All help, from care the suffering to release
    All zeal, to share our happiness and peace!
    For life is long enough for love to live.
    And short enough for bitterness to cease.

  10. the words of christmas:  joy, peace, hope May you have them all this Christmas

  11. Joy, Hope & Peace
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    Joy, peace, hope - The words of Christmas
    Having these are, oh so precious.
    May this Christmas card bring
    The feeling of these three things.

    May the feeling of joy fill your day
    May peace be with you and always stay
    May hope fill your heart this holiday
    May you feel the love of Jesus this Christmas Day.

  12. Ready To Keep Christmas
    Poet: Henry VanDyke

    Are you willing -

    To stoop down and consider the needs
    And desires of little children;

    To remember the weaknesses and loneliness
    Of people who are growing old;

    To stop asking how much your friends love you,
    And to ask yourself if you love them enough;

    To bear in mind the things that other people
    Have to bear on their hearts;

    To trim your lamp so that it will give more light and less smoke,
    And to carry it in front so that your shadow will fall behind you;

    To make a grave for your ugly thoughts and
    A garden for your kindly feelings, with the gate open?

    Are you willing to do these things for a day?
    Then you are ready to keep Christmas!

  13. O joyous be your Christmas tide. And bright your New Year, too; To you may love ne'er be denied, May all your friends be true.

  14. A Greeting
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Old friend o'mine, it's Christmas Day
    An' I am thinkin' of you
    An' hopin' that no patch of gray
    Will hide the blue above you.
    An' if I had the power to do
    The many things I yearn to,
    With joy I'd be surrounding you,
    And always when your work is through
    There'd be a kiss to turn to.

    You'd never know a single care
    To cause a minute's worry,
    There'd be no road you couldn't fare.
    An' do it in a hurry.
    I'd clip the thorns from every rose
    You get your fingers on to;
    An' warm would be each breeze that blows,
    An' each night rare with sweet repose.
    Could I do what I want to.

    An' when you sigh for coins of gold,
    I'd fill your purse with money,
    An' make each pathway where you strolled
    A bright one an' a sunny.
    To friend, I'd change each foe to you,
    The hand upraised to strike, to
    One stretched out in friendship true
    I'd turn, if this old heart could do
    The things 'twould really like to.

  15. Christmas Greeting
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    I do not care to wait until the hand of death has smoothed your brow
    Before I say what's in my heart, I'd rather tell it to you now.
    I'd rather say: ''How glad I am to know your cheery voice and smile,"
    Than stand and say "how glad I was" in some grief-stricken after-while.
    I'd rather shout: ''how good you are I" than sniffle out: "how good was he!"
    And so I take this Christmas Day to say you have a friend in me.

    And so I take this Christmas Day to wish you everything that's fine,
    A cloudless sky for every day, a path where roses bloom and twine;
    May sorrow never find your door, but if it shall and leave you dumb,
    May to your wounds of grief the balm of consolation quickly come.
    May all the best of life be yours, and may, no matter where you roam,
    Good luck and gladness go with you, and smiling, bring you safely home.

    If wishing only banished care you'd never more have cause to sigh.
    If wishing drove the clouds away henceforth the blue would fill your sky.
    The pink of health would bloom upon the cheeks of those you love for aye.
    And every day God gives to you would be a merry Christmas Day.
    I'd wish you everything that's good, I'd wish you everything that's fine,
    And then I'd still be in your debt, oh good and faithful friend of mine.

  16. A Christmas Greeting
    Poet: Unknown

    A Merry Christmas morning
    To each and every one!
    The rose has kissed the dawning,
    And the gold is in the sun.

    And may the Christmas splendor
    A joyous greeting bear,
    Of love that's true and tender
    And faith that's sweet and fair.

  17. Bright Be The Day
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    O bright be the day
    Sweet echoes resounding,
    Love lighting the way
    And warm hearts surrounding.

    May the breath of His peace
    In thy spirit remain,
    Till Christmas revisits
    The round world again.

  18. Merry Christmas!
    Poet: Mary C, Law

    May I say to you this morning,
    In the good old-fashioned way,
    "Merry Christmas, dear, God bless you!"
    Other things one well might say;
    But I like the plain old phrasing
    For this day of all the year
    "Merry Christmas, dear, God bless you
    With His best of Christmas cheer."

  19. The Day Christ Was Born
    Poet: E. Norman Gunnison

    This is the day that Christ was born,
    The day that saw a Saviour’s birth;
    Rise, happy light, immortal morn,
    Make glad the desert spots of earth!
    No monarch crowned with diadem,
    He cometh not a king to reign,
    But Israel’s star, and Judea’s gem,
    His dawning glads the earth again.

    He offers not an earthly prize,
    Though kingdoms are his own to give,
    But in his glad, immortal eyes
    The blind shall see, the dead shall live.
    His ways are not as ways of ours;
    His is the dust, the toil, the heat,
    And in the pathways strewn with flowers
    He knows the thorns which pierce our feet.

    Gathered beside the Christmas hearth,
    By the sweet shining of thy grace
    Let us behold the lost of earth
    As we shall some day see thy face.
    And clinging closer to the cross
    Which thou hast borne, through shame and scorn,
    Let us grow happier by loss,
    On this, the day when Christ was born.

  20. Christmas Comes Once A Year
    Poet: Thomas Miller

    Upon a gayer, happier scene,
    Never did holly berries peer.
    Or ivy throw its trailing green,
    On brighter forms than there are here,
    Nor Christmas in his old armchair
    Smile upon lips and brows more fare
    Then let us sing amid our cheer,
    Old Christmas still comes once a year.

  21. A King Was Born
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A king was born but not as expected
    By many, His life was rejected
    A small baby born in a manger
    From the beginning, His life was in danger.

    But He followed his Father's will
    And stood up to all evil.
    He died upon a cross
    So many would not be lost.

    So as this Christmas season arrives
    Be thankful for the impact on our lives
    We celebrate the birth of Christ
    And give thanks for His sacrifice.

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