Christmas Joy 

What brings Christmas joy? The poem, The Joys of Christmas, reflects the thoughts of the Poet of why Christmas brings joy.

As you can see by the poems it is the little things of Christmas that bring happiness. The gathering of family, the lights, the sound of children, the Christmas baking, sharing and love all bring joy to people.

And most importantly, Christmas joy is reflected in the birth of Jesus. God's gift to the world brings joy and peace to all people.

Christmas is a joyous time of the year; let all the poems here remind you of this.

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  1. The Joys of Christmas
    Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2011

    How beautiful are the houses,
    Decorated in red and green.
    I love to see so many lights,
    On the Christmas scene.

    Tinsel, garland and presents,
    Are some of my favorite things.
    The feeling I get during Christmas,
    Is something that everyone brings.

    I love Christmas dinner,
    Especially the big pumpkin pie.
    Eggnog, fruitcake and candy canes,
    Are also a big Christmas high!

    Turkey and veggies are great,
    But my favorite is Christmas dessert.
    I think my favorite is the cookies,
    Made only by the Christmas expert!

    The laughter and love that family bring
    The gifts and presents for everyone
    Fills my heart with all good things
    The day is full of lots of fun.

    For the children, Christmas brings lots of toys
    Excitement and giggles are all they can say
    For the adults, we love the feeling of joy
    Cherish the moments, enjoy the day!

  2. Christmas is the season of joy, of gift-giving, and of families united.
Norman Vincent Peale

  3. Once More
    Poet: Grinnell Willis

    Once more at home, at Christmas time,
    We gather at thy call,
    Thy children and grandchildren,
    We are coming, one and all.

    From East and West we're coming,
    A joyous, happy throng.
    Our hearts are glad, and on our lips
    The merry Christmas song.

    We've had our own Saint Nicholas,
    Our merry Christmas tree,
    But better far than all of these.
    We're coming home to thee.

    Thy presence is our beacon light.
    Our star by day, our guide by night.
    God bless you both, your children pray,
    And keep you safe for many a day.

  4. Christmas Joy
    Poet: Ellwood Haines Stokes

    What a joyful hour to our sin-cursed earth.
    When the tidings came of a Saviour's birth.
    And the heart's warm pulse beat stronger still.
    As the song was heard of Heaven's good will.

    What a joyful hour! cried the sons of night.
    For, as Jesus spoke, there was instant light;
    And the exile heard, in that new-born day,
    Of a home in heaven and a blissful way.

    What a joyful hour, when the dumb could speak,
    And the palsied arm was no longer weak;
    When the sick could rise from their bed of pain,
    And the halt and lame were restored again.

    What a joyful hour, when the Saviour spoke,
    And the slumbering dead from their graves awoke.
    When the Prince of Life, through death*s dark domain,
    Sent the warm blood back to the heart again.

    But there comes an hour, far more joyful still,
    When the good man's soul shall with rapture thrill;
    When his eyes shall glow with the fire of love.
    As he leaves this world for his home above.

    A more joyful hour, when life's tide is crossed.
    And the roar of its surge in the skies is lost;
    When our toils are o'er, and our exile past,
    And we rest in the smile of our God at last.

  5. Joy In the Redeemer's Birth
    Poet: Bishop Hall

    Immortal Babe, who this dear day
    Didst change Thine heaven for our clay,
    And didst with flesh Thy godhead veil,
    Eternal Son of God, all hail!

    Shine, happy star ye angels, sing
    Glory on high to heaven's King:
    Run, shepherds, leave your nightly watch!
    See heaven come down to Bethlehem's cratch!

    Worship, ye sages of the east,
    The King of gods in meanness dressed!
    O blessed maid, smile and adore
    The God thy womb and arms have bore!

    Star, angels, shepherds, and wise sages,
    Thou virgin glory of the ages.
    Restored frame of heaven and earth,
    Joy in your dear Redeemer's birth!

  6. All The Earth With Joy Is Ringing
    Poet: Philip Scaff

    To-day in Bethlehem hear I
    Sweet angel voices singing,
    All glory be to God on high,
    Who peace to earth is bringing.
    The Virgin Mary holdeth more
    Than highest heaven most holy:
    Light shines on what was dark before,
    And lifteth up the lowly.

    God wills that peace should be in earth.
    And holy exultation
    Sweet Babe, I greet Thy spotless birth
    And wondrous Incarnation.
    To-day in Bethlehem hear I
    Even the lowly singing:
    With angel-words they pierce the sky;
    All earth with joy is ringing.

  7. Give Joy To Others
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    We recognize this Christmas morn
    Unto us, this Child was born
    Angels sang in the heavens above
    God showed us what is true love.

    The joy of Christmas is felt each year
    Goodwill and peace is near
    The world was changed by this birth
    When God sent His Son to the earth.

    The joy can be felt in our hearts
    A joy that we don't want to depart
    Keep Christmas in your heart all year
    And as the Angels said, "Do not fear."

    Knowing that Jesus loves you
    And died for you many years ago
    Is a love that many don't know.
    Give joy to others, let His love show.

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What brings you joy at Christmas? Is it the giggles of the children, or the food, or the love of family, or the sparkle of the lights? Whatever it is, we wish for many joys for you this Christmas! Share our Christmas poems with others to spread the Joy!

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