6 Christmas Bells Poems

Be inspired by these Christmas bells poems. When you hear the bells at Christmas time may they remind you of the true meaning of Christmas.

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  1. Christmas Bells
    Poet: C. E. Lund

    Clear Christmas bells are chiming low,
    That all who hear may truly know,
    On this, a happy Christmas morn,
    The infant Saviour, Christ was born.

    Now tell the story soft and low,
    While every dimpled cheek aglow,
    In listening mood the children stand,
    The fairest group in Christian land.

    They drink the words from loving lips,
    As honey-bee the nectar sips,
    Until sweet Spirit from above,
    Has filled each heart with joy and love.

    When all the story has been told,
    As lambs within the sheltering fold,
    They felt a peace of heart and mind
    As Christian adults seldom find.
    'Tis thus in youth, when Spirit-taught,
    We early learn how Jesus bought
    A pardon full, for each and all
    Who listen to his pleading call.

    Sweet bells of Christmas-tide ring out,
    As one triumphant pealing shout;
    Ring louder now, and louder yet,
    That all may hear and none forget.

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  3. Christmas Bells Are Ringing
    Poet:  Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Hark! the Christmas bells are ringing,
    And the angel-choirs are singing
    That Christ is born!
    And wrong is conquered by the right,
    A world is lifted into light,
    No more forlorn!

    All the earth was sad and dreary,
    And the human heart was weary,
    Till Christ did come!
    And then the darkness fled away,
    And holy love began its sway
    O'er hearth and home!

    All glory be to God on high,
    Let every mortal gladly cry,
    That Christ was given!
    May Christ grant all the power to see,
    As at his name they bend the knee,
    The way to heaven!

  4. Bells Do Ring
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On Christmas Day the bells do ring
    Reminding us what Christmas brings.
    Peace and goodwill to everyone
    The birth of the Son.

    That glorious first Christmas morn
    The day that Jesus was born
    Let the bells ring out loud and clear
    Praise God, let everyone hear.

  5. I heard the bells on Christmas Day Their old, familiar carols play, And wild and sweet The words repeat Of peace on earth, good-will to men! Henry Wadsworth Longfellowm
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  6. Ring The Christmas Festival
    Poet: Ellwood Haines Stokes

    Coming, coming, Lord of glory.
    Coming through the ages hoary.
    In accord with ancient story.
    Coming, coming. Lord of light;
    Coming, so the truth engages.
    Coming through prophetic pages.
    Coming in the thoughts of sages.
    Ring the bells of joy to-night!

    Coming, lo! His star ascending,
    Coming, heaven and earth are blending,
    Coming, glory never-ending,
    Ring the bells of joy again!
    Coming, not as man expected,
    Coming, by the high neglected,
    Coming, by the proud rejected,
    He who shall forever reign.

    Come, though years of God move slowly;
    Bom of virgin mother, holy.
    Cradled in a manger, lowly,
    Human form, and flesh and blood;
    Come the child, yet mighty Leader,
    Weak, yet all-prevailing Pleader,
    Destitute, yet hunger's Feeder,
    Infant, Maker, Monarch, God!

    Come! the world with thanks is ringing;
    Come! the sad with joy are singing;
    Come! the weak to Him are clinging;
    Come the All, and come for all!
    Come ! the nation's long desire;
    Come! all hearts to Him aspire
    Come! the world is lifted higher;
    Ring the Christmas festival!

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  8. Sing, Christmas Bells
    Poet: Eugene Field

    Say to the earth, this is the morn
    Whereon our Savior-King was born;
    Sing to all men - the bond the free,
    The rich, the poor, the high, the low,
    The little child that sports in glee,
    The aged folks that tottering go,
    Proclaim the morn
    That Christ is born,
    That saveth them and saveth me.

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  10. Silver Bells
    Poet: Hamish Hendry

    Across the snow the Silver Bells
    Come near and yet more near;
    Each Day and Night, each Night and Day
    They tinkle soft and clear.

    'Tis Father Christmas on his way
    Across the winter Snows;
    While on his sleigh the Silver Bells
    Keep chiming as he goes.

    I listen for them in the Night,
    I listen all the Day,
    I think these merry Silver Bells
    Are long, long on the way!

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