A Christmas Carol

It was the night before Christmas, and we all know what comes next. But, Christmas is not about the gifts given by family, friends, and colleagues. It is, instead, the Christain recognition of the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. This significance is often forgotten by millions as they hustle and bustle through the days before Christmas day. To thousands upon thousands, it simply marks a day away from the schedule demanded of another workday.

Christmas, however, is the crowning point of the year when we know, as Christians, that God sent us His one and only son to be born to the Virgin Mary. This event marked one of God's promises to us all that we might be saved from the burning fires of hell. It is a day to be celebrated, to give all honor and glory to God who while we were destined for destruction, through his mercy and glory granted all of us an opportunity to serve Him in obedience and faith and trust.

It is a time of year amidst the harshness of winter's cold that warmth that gladdens the heart and soul rings loud. It is a time to recognize that all things of this earth pale in comparison to what we have been granted although we do not deserve it, or have earned it. Never forget the true meaning of Christmas as we make ready our souls for eternal rest. It is the time of year to renew our vigil to be ready for the return of Jesus at His second coming. Through our committed love for others, we also are alerted again to give generously to our Lord through our tithes and offerings for the work of His Kingdom.

This is a Christmas carol that expresses the feelings of joy and peace that Christmas brings. John Imrie aptly describes the emotions and sentiments that people should feel at this time of year.

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A Christmas Carol
by John Imrie

Ring out the merry Christmas bell
That tells of joy and gladness.
Our happy hearts with pleasure swell,
This is no time for sadness;
This is the crowning of the year,
A day of merry-making,
With feast and song our hearts we'll cheer,
All anxious cares forsaking.

*Twas Christmas-tide when Jesus lay
All lowly in a manger,
He came to take our sins away,
And save our souls from danger;
The shepherds on the hills at dawn
Heard angel-voices singing:
"Now peace on earth, goodwill to men.
We are this morning bringing."

'Tis eighteen hundred years and more
Since that glad Christmas morning,
Yet once a year, on every shore,
Are happy hearts adorning
The Christmas tree with presents rare,
Its dark-green boughs are laden.
And round it dance the children fair,
The lover and the maiden!

Oh! merry, happy Christmas Day,
For young and old together,
The very snow-flakes seem more gay,
Though bitter cold the weather;
As round the family fireside
The dear ones we are meeting,
Let peace and harmony abide,
With love each other greeting.

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Another poem by John Imrie about Christmas:

Christmas Gifts

Poet: John Imrie

Oh! happy eve! that ushers in the day
Of all the year the best to young and old!
This night our thoughts take wings and soar away
To Bethlehem's plains, where shepherds tend their fold.
Angelic strains are borne upon the wind
Of "peace on earth, good- will to all mankind;"
See! yonder star of promise that doth bring
Our eager footsteps to earth's new-born king.
There pay we homage to the Holy Child
Born in a manger - 'mid surroundings wild -
Where "wise men from the East" pour at His feet
Earth's finest gold - all spices rare and sweet!
Oh! Let our Christmas offerings ever be
A portion of our best, Lord To Thee!

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