87 Christmas Wishes

Send these short Christmas wishes to friends, family, and colleagues where you work to organizational members of the groups you belong to. You will find short ones, funny ones, and wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

When we sit down to write a card or send an email or message, sometimes the words just don't seem to come easily. Let our collection help to give you the right words to express your good wishes. By sending a Christmas wish to someone else, you may not realize the loving impact that you may have on them.

Christmas is a time when we think of others. People who live far away from us, or people who we have lost contact with. Taking a few minutes to send a Xmas note is a great way to rekindle relationships.

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    Short Christmas Wishes

    These short Christmas wishes can be handwritten in your cards, be included in the emails that you send to friends and colleagues leading up to Christmas Day, written on sticky notes to be placed on co-workers' work stations, or posted in Instagrams to all your friends.

  1. Sending you good wishes for the holiday season.

  2. Christmas Wishes of joy and peace
  3. Wishes of peace and joy be with you this Christmas.

  4. Our warmest thoughts and wishes are sent to you for a very Merry Christmas.

  5. May God grant you His blessings this Christmas.

  6. Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, sent to you with love.

  7. A Christmas blessing is wished for you and hopes that the New Year will see success in all you do.

  8. cc
  9. Christmas wishes sent to you with love and blessings included.

  10. Joyous Christmas greetings and our best wishes for a year of happiness, health and prosperity.

  11. Christmas wishes for a fun-filled day!

  12. joyful Christmas wishes
  13. A joyful Christmas is wished for you.

  14. Candy cane wishes and mistletoe kisses are our wishes for you this Christmas.

  15. You deserve the Best that Christmas has to offer. Have a happy one!

  16. We may be distant in miles but you are never distant in my thoughts. Merry Christmas!

  17. Wishing you happy memories and the merriest of Christmas.

  18. May the presence of your family be the best present you receive! Merry Christmas

  19. Christmas Wishes and Blessings
  20. Blessings are sent to you and yours for a joyous Christmas.

  21. May the Christmas music playing fill your heart with joy! And may the Christmas tree be filled with lots of toys!

  22. The best and happiest Christmas is wished for you.

  23. A wonderful Christmas is wished for you.

  24. A time for family and for friends, a time of year we wish would never end.
    Love and laughter, peace and hope is the wish that I send.

  25. Good times and lots of memories are wished for you this Christmas season.

  26. Christmas Wishes for Happy Holidays
  27. Happy Holiday to you and yours!

  28. May your Christmas be filled with happy memories.

  29. Hope Santa finds you this year. Merry Christmas

  30. May your Christmas be as beautiful as a garden in full bloom

  31. Christmas wishes are extended with a warm heart and caring spirit to you and your family.

  32. Have yourself a merry little Christmas, make the Yuletide gay.

  33. Health, happiness, and harmony are 3 wishes we send to you this holiday season.

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    Christmas and New Year Wishes

    When sending Christmas wishes to others be sure to include a wish for the New Year's. A time of year when you can start anew! A short Christmas wish with thoughts on the New Year takes only a few minutes to write.

  35. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

  36. Encouraging Christmas Wishes
  37. May all your dreams come true this Christmas and may all your wishes become a reality in the coming year.

  38. Christmas wishes for a joyous day and for your new year to be amazing.

  39. Health, happiness, and love are wishes sent to you for this Christmas and the coming year.

  40. Can't wait to see you this Christmas and cheers for a Happy New Year.
  41. Can't wait to see you this Christmas and cheers for a Happy New Year.

  42. The joy, the spirit, the happiness of an old-fashioned Christmas is just about the best wish we know of to extend to you this Christmas season.

  43. May the holiday spirit carry into the New Year! Wishing you all the best.

  44. May this Christmas season find your home filled with love, laughter and happiness that carries through to the coming year.

  45. Happy Christmas Wishes
  46. Happy holidays, happy new year, happy life is all wished for you at this time of year.

  47. Merry Christmas wishes are sent to you
    And a Happy New Year is wished for all you do.

  48. May this Christmas season be merry and bright.
    And may the coming year see all your wishes come to light.

  49. We wish you a happy Christmas, and extend the same wish for a New Year of unbounded success and joy

  50. May this Christmas bring only the best
    May you and your family be blest!

  51. My wish for you: A Christmas filled with lots of love and a New Year that is blessed from above.
  52. My wish for you:
    A Christmas filled with lots of love and a New Year that is blessed from above.

  53. It may no longer be politically correct in a secular world to offer Christmas wishes to everyone but that is still the way for those who live within the Christian family.

  54. Oh! merry, happy Christmas Day, for young and old together, the very snow-flakes seem more gay, though bitter cold the weather
    John Imrie

  55. Wises for a Christmas full of fun
    And the coming year be one filled many blessings.

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    Christmas Wishes Sayings

    Be inspired by these Christmas wishes and sayings. Some of these short sayings have been around for years but still have meaning that applies today. Share them with friends and family at this joyous time of year.

  57. Warmest wishes are sent your way,
    hoping Santa finds you on Christmas day.

  58. Sing, O my heart! Sing thou in rapture this dear mom whereon the blessed Prince is born! And as thy songs shall be of love - so let my deeds be charity
    Eugene Field, Christmas Hymn

  59. Christmas Sayings
  60. May your Christmas gifts include, the gift of love, the gift of happiness, and the gift of peace.

  61. Cheerful, contented, and delighted are we,
    to wish you a Merry Christmas with glee!

  62. Jesus is the reason for the season. Blessings and good wishes are sent to you.

  63. Wishing you a fantastic Christmas day from everyone here at home.

  64. Christmas wishes are sent for you and your family in hopes that the season will be merry and bright.
  65. Christmas wishes are sent for you and your family in hopes that the season will be merry and bright.

  66. Oh! may thy Christmas happy be,
    And naught but joy appear,
    Is now the wish I send to thee,
    And all I love most dear.
    J. S. Ogilvie

  67. Wishes are sent not just for Christmas but for the whole year through. Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  68. Have a holly, jolly Christmas.
    It's the best time of the year.
    Johnny Marks

  69. Christmas day is a day of joy and charity. May God make you very rich in both.
    Phillips Brooks

  70. Christmas Wishes about being home
  71. At Christmas, all roads lead home.
    Marjorie Holmes

  72. There has been only one Christmas - the rest are anniversaries.
    W.J. Cameron

  73. Now Christmas comes with hearty cheer
    May kindly thoughts go round,
    And bring to you a glad New Year,
    With peace and plenty crowned.
    J. S. Ogilvie

  74. I'm wishing at this Christmas time that I could but repay a portion of the gladness that you've strewn along my way Edgar A Guest
    A Friend's Greeting

  75. God bless us, every one.
    Charles Dickens

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    Christmas Wishes for Friends

    Send our christmas wishes to your friends to let them know how much you appreciate them.

  77. Friends like you are the best Christmas gift one could have. Merry Christmas

  78. Merry Christmas to a dear sweet Friend.
    Also a Happy New Year, I do send!

  79. If wishes were stars I would give you the whole universe. Merry Christmas My Friend!

  80. Christmas Wishes for Friends
  81. Merry Christmas my friend. On you, I always can depend. Happy Christmas Wishes to you I send.

  82. Our friendship is ageless I so appreciate you. Have a Merry Christmas Thanks for all you do.

  83. I'll always fondly think of you this Christmas season.

  84. You are simply a person of joy to be around. Merry Christmas!

  85. Joy to the world and joy to you this Christmas.

  86. Christmas has at its' roots great meaning and traditions. We wish you a special day surrounded within the warmth of your family and friends.

  87. cute christmas wish
  88. A wish of Claus for celebration to a friend who is full of Santa!

  89. In the happiest of seasons
    You have many reasons
    to spread your love and friendship
    to those who need a lift.

  90. Merry Christmas old buddy!

  91. Be of cheer and good joy, my friend. Merry Christmas!

  92. The stars do twinkle this time of year
    The angels are singing loud and clear
    and at this time of year, I just want to say
    Merry Christmas my Friend, have a great Christmas day.

  93. Christmas and New Years Wishes
  94. Merry Christmas to a special friend. And Happy New Year full of bright tomorrows!

  95. Friends like you make Christmas special.

  96. I wish for you that the magic of Christmas remains with you not only at Christmas but in the coming New Year.

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    Funny Christmas Wishes

    While these Christmas wishes are funny they are also filled with the wish for a great Xmas.

  98. The twinkling of the stars
    The many Christmas bazaars
    Don't forget Santa is around
    You may see him magically abound.

  99. I know you're busy, so don't worry I used your money and got the Christmas present you were going to purchase for me. Merry Christmas!

  100. Wishes to make you smile
  101. Ho Ho Ho wishes are sent from our family to yours this Christmas.

  102. In our excitement, we almost forget to wash with soap
    We feel so busy and have such high hopes
    We stop and send you a bunch of Christmas wishes
    We did this see we can get out of doing the dishes!

  103. Funny this time of year is, we fill stockings with nice things and we put a dead tree in our living room. Happy Christmas to You!

  104. The 3 ages a man feels: He believes in Santa Claus. He doesn't believe in Santa Claus. He is Santa Claus. See I told you there is a Santa Claus and you know him well. Merry Christmas

  105. funny wishes
  106. Wishes for lots of fa la la and dashing threw the snow this Christmas.

  107. If Santa forgets to check his naughty list I know you will have a Merry Christmas. But, if he does check it, you can come to my house for Christmas!

  108. Lots of mistletoe is wished for you this Christmas.

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When we receive a wish from someone it always touches our heart. Send out one of our Christmas wishes to let someone know you are thinking of them at this special time of the year. As they say, Christmas Wishes Is Just Like Kisses!

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