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Welcome to a collection of insightful and inspiring quotes about December, a month that encapsulates a multitude of unique qualities and experiences. As the Winter Solstice graces the Northern Hemisphere, December brings us the shortest day and the longest night, marking a celestial turning point and a symbol of hope amidst the darkness.

It is a time when joy and celebration fill the air, with holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year's Eve spreading warmth and togetherness across cultures. The festive atmosphere, adorned with twinkling lights and decorations, casts a magical spell upon streets and homes alike. December also serves as a period of reflection, as we contemplate the achievements of the passing year and set intentions for the one to come. It is a month of transition, where autumn bids farewell and winter takes its glorious stage, inviting us to embrace change and find renewal.

Across the globe, people join in shared festivities, regardless of their background or beliefs, fostering unity and collective celebration. We hope these quotes capture the essence of December, its unique spirit, and the profound moments it holds.

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  1. December's embrace, a time of cheer, celebrations of love, drawing near. Catherine Pulsifer, Each Month
    Month Poems

  2. November and December, like two companions in time, walk hand in hand, bringing forth the spirit of gratitude and joy, as we transition from autumn's embrace to the enchantment of the holiday season. Author Unknown
    November Poems

  3. December, the month of advent, a season of anticipation and hope. As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, let us remember the words of Charles H. Spurgeon: "The first coming of Jesus was to end in His death, the second is to end in His glory."
    Christian Poems

  4. Life is a blending of sunshine and showers, one from the other we cannot well single, December's snow and May's gorgeous flowers, in forming the seasons must mingle Lillian E. Curtis, Sunshine And Shadow
    Train Of Life Poem

  5. December's wintery breath is already clouding the pond, frosting the pane, obscuring summer's memory.
  6. December's wintery breath is already clouding the pond, frosting the pane, obscuring summer's memory. John Geddes
    Winter Poems

  7. So those who love their fellow men, are glad it is December . . .for peace on earth and memories are precious to remember. Marguerite E. Halker, Christmas
    Christmas Poems

  8. As December draws to a close, let's reflect on the year gone by and look forward to what the new year has in store! Catherine Pulsifer
    New Year Poems

  9. December is the season of hope, joy, and renewal. Catherine Pulsifer
    Poems About The Seasons

  10. The beginning of December marks a new month and a fresh start. Take this opportunity to be kind to yourself and encourage kindness in others. Catherine Pulsifer
    Poems of Encouragement

  11. Snowflakes are kisses from heaven
  12. Snowflakes are kisses from heaven that whisper to our souls, Embrace the magic of December, let the beauty of snow unfold. Author Unknown
    Poems About Snowflakes

  13. As the dead year is clasped by a dead December, so let your dead sins with your dead days lie. A new life is yours, and a new hope. Remember, we build our own ladders to climb to the sky. Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Resolve
    New Year's Resolutions Poems

  14. In June the pine had green young tips - but ah! beloved, remember how clear the steadfast hue abides in frosts of chill December! Martha McCulloch-Williams, At Sunset
    Poems About Sunset

  15. December is over, and January is here, another year has come and gone Catherine Pulsifer, December Is Over
    January Poems

  16. Now we are young and gay; all distant seems December, in this our life's young May. Unknown, Now We Are Young
    Finding Love Poem

  17. When it’s springtime we remember joys we had in bleak December Adelore Ferron, Junior Class Poem
    Poems About School

  18. December brings the joy of Santa, and with it a reminder to spread love and kindness throughout the season.
  19. December brings the joy of Santa, and with it a reminder to spread love and kindness throughout the season. Catherine Pulsifer
    Santa Poems

  20. The Christmas tree in December is a sparkling symbol of peace, joy and new beginnings. Catherine Pulsifer
    Christmas Tree Poems

  21. December babies loving are with eyes that sparkle like a star! Althea Randolph, A Year Of Babies
    Baby Poems

  22. But such is this changeful world of ours, that bitter close to sweet must cling, as December's snows and May's warm showers the varied seasons bring
    Lillian E. Curtis

  23. If Santa Claus did not exist think of the excitement the children would miss. December would be a month of gloom nothing to look forward only doom. Catherine Pulsifer, Santa Exists
    Is There Really A Santa

  24. Christmas is the magical key that unlocks the spirit of togetherness.
  25. December, a month of joy and celebration, where hearts are filled with love and homes are adorned with lights. Christmas is the magical key that unlocks the spirit of togetherness. Author Unknown
    Christmas Quotes

  26. December is a time to reflect on the profound message of Christmas. As Pastor Rick Warren affirms, "God didn't send His Son into the world to judge it; He came to save it. Christmas is God's ultimate peace mission, and Jesus is the Prince of Peace."
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  27. Winter whispers in December's ear, painting the world in shades of frost, while the December wind dances with snowflakes, creating a symphony of quiet beauty. Avijeet Das
    Winter Quotes

  28. December bids farewell with a nostalgic embrace, as memories of the year's journey fill our hearts. And in the hushed whispers of January, a new chapter unfolds, offering us a blank canvas to paint our dreams and shape our destinies. Author Unknown
    January Quotes

  29. December brings the gift of snow, transforming the ordinary into a winter wonderland. With each snowflake, a new chapter of enchantment begins. Author Unknown
    Quotes About Snow

  30. December, where the seasons mingle and dance in harmony. As autumn bids farewell and winter takes its stage, nature reminds us of the cyclical nature of life and the beauty that lies in transition. Author Unknown
    Quotes About Seasons

  31. December may be chilly with shorter daylight, but encourage yourself to stay warm and bright! Catherine Pulsifer
    Encouragement Quotes

  32. November whispers tales of preparation and reflection, while December sings songs of celebration and wonder. Together, they form a harmonious duet, guiding us toward the magic of the year's end. Author Unknown
    November Quotes

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